April Athlete of the Month!

Name: Michael Black “Blackie”

Age: 23
Occupation: Police
Lives: West Auckland
What is you background like? Is sport and exercise something you have always done?
I hated sport all my life but had to lose weight for the police (lost 45kgs) to pass the fitness test and since then have loved doing circuit and gym. Then found crossfit about two years ago.
How long have you been cross fitting for?
I have been doing crossfit for over two years now.
And when did you join the crew at CFW?
Started at CFW 5 months ago
Do you remember your first CF workout?
My first workout was Fran (i.e. 21-15-9 Thrusters & Pull-ups)
Some people might recognise you from TV as one of our friendly constabulary on ‘Nabbed’… how do you incorporate crossfit into your policing?
Helps when running after offenders haha!
What about food. Do you have a plan you follow?
I don’t have a proper plan but I make sure I have a lot of protein and minimal carbs.
You seem to be very hardworking when you come into the box (and I hear you do a reconnaissance mission in uniform most days to see what the WOD is)… what is it that makes you lift heavier/go faster/get better?
I always want to beat my last lift even it is only by 1kg.
What are your physical goals for 2014?
My goals are to improve cardio and gain at least 20kg to all lifts.

How many times a week are you coming into the box?
I go 4-5 times a week and sometimes do double trainings.

Favourite exercise?
Back squat (190kgs)

Least favourite?
Box jumps
If you could give one piece of advice to someone considering starting out at CFW, what would it be?
Just do it. Don’t wait till you are fit.


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