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SEAN SMITH, the 6:30 pm ranger!! Interview by Paddy Compter

Name: Sean Smith

Age:  38

Occupation: Navy
Lives: Henderson
When did you join up at CFW?  Started Elements end of March/start of April 2014
How often do you train in an average week?  Try to, 3-4 week times a week
How important is staying fit and healthy to you? To be honest it never used to be that important to me, but since I have started Crossfit it has become a vital part of whoI am now. 
And how do you work it in with you family and work commitments? Good question, it at times can be hard but I generally always try my best to train 3-4 times a week. It is just extremely hard when I go away.
What sort of exercise programme were you doing before you started up here? I really didn’t do anything until about 5-6 months before starting at CFW. I was away on a 7 month deployment overseas and got introduced to Crossfit and promised a mate that I would sign up to a Crossfit box when I got back, and here I am hahaha
You have a pretty physical job – how does CFW help with this? I managed to get through most of the time but I have found I am a little bit stronger and fitter now that I am doing Crossfit, especially with CFW, and this has made some aspects of my job easier than what it used to be. 
What sort of changes have you found in your conditioning since you started up at CFW? I guess it is a bit like with my job and how CFW has helped, I guess I just feel a lot fitter, I don’t get tired as quick. The biggest change has been how much I notice I can get through an open class, not a lot better, but definitely better than I could when I first started.
The coaches have dubbed you one of the quiet achievers – what do you think about that? I am not someone I see as having a great deal of ability so I just try do the best I can do so being called a quiet achiever is humbling and I guess extremely surprising.
Do you remember your first CF workout and what it felt like afterwards? I didn’t remember the WOD but after taking Kapz advise during elements I have been using the MyWOD app, so I was able to look back and it was I think called Rahoi. My first real exposure to a bar-facing burpees, so I felt it quite tough and I was really exhausted afterwards.
How do you push through a difficult WOD? I did used to struggle early on but now it is knowing that I don’t want to miss the time cap or I see other numbers that have been done for an AMRAP on the whiteboard and I want to try to push to get around those numbers, and just quietly Josh helps push me along during the 6.30 class hahaha.
What about food. What sort of food plan do you follow (if you have one)? Well I don’t really have one still but I am a heck of a lot better than what I was before I did the Whole30 programme last year, I was a horrible eater so now I try to eat cleaner and cheat less. Before it was a constant cheat and more of the horrible eating/drinking.
Can you also tell us about the competitions you have been in? What did you take out of them? What did you learn? The only comp I have done is the in-house beginners comp in Dec. I took a lot out of it by getting an insight into how hard they can be by pushing through more than just the one WOD. The biggest thing I did learn is preparation is the key. Before the comp I hadn’t eating properly or well, I did not have good hydration and I didn’t have enough rest, so for me I felt I didn’t do as well as I could have, which did disappoint me.
What/who motivates you at the box? Everyone motivates me really, from the coaches for doing such a great job, to just seeing so many people giving it there all. Crossfit is the only form of exercise I have stuck with for a long period of time and it is the coaches and the people at CFW that make me want to keep coming along.
What are your physical goals for 2014? Just to keep improving on my technique on majority of exercises so I can hopefully keep improving on my current PB’s. Oh and to finally get DUB’s, the one thing I just mentally can’t get. I suppose if there is another beginners comp or a scaled comp later in the year I wouldn’t mind giving it a go but I struggle to get to comp class with Saturday kid sport, more so over the winter months.
Favourite exercise? Is there one hahaha. I think I really like the Power clean but still need to master it better.
Least favourite? Toss up between Wall Balls, Burpees and Overhead Squats. Too many?
Dream WOD? Box Jumps, Pull Ups, Power Cleans.
If you could give one piece of advice to someone considering starting out at CFW, what would it be? Don’t be afraid to give it a go and don’t judge what Crossfit is about, or think you can’t do it, just by seeing the Crossfit games and those doing it for a very long time. Everyone starts somewhere and everything is able to be scaled, we all end up working to the same goal and that is to be fitter, faster and stronger.




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