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TONY SPURDLE- the 5:45 am NINJA!

BEFORE CrossFit…







Name:  Tony Spurdle
Age:  30
Occupation: Sheetmetal Engineer for Viking Ironcraft
Lives: Currently homeless (living with family) – new house being built soon.

When did you join up at CFW? 

I started Elements in January 2015.

What sort of exercise programme were you doing before you started up here?

Didn’t have an exercise program, never enjoyed standard gyms. I have played sport all my life – I have enjoyed tennis and golf over the last few years, so that’s kept me fairly active.

Do you mind sharing how much weight you have lost… for those outside of 0545, they may not know about your radical body change.

When I joined up to Crossfit Waitakere I was 102kg, since joining I’ve gotten down to 86kg, and have now balanced out at 90kg.

How much did diet play a part in this?

A significant part, In February after finishing elements I was shown the Whole 30 guide and thought I’d give it a go. My wife and I for the entire February, plus two days in March we did the Whole 30. It opened up a new meaning of food for me, though I haven’t continued it to the letter, I now have an understanding of how the food I eat effects how I feel and the energy/motivation I have. I enjoy recommending it to people, and have managed to get afew family members to jump in and do it also. Next goal is getting them into Crossfit.

In a very short space of time you seemed to have been able to pick up most aspects of crossfit quite easily… why do you think this is?

No secret, just kept practicing the movements and coming to classes regularly. The coaches and Youtube are wonderful teachers.

How often do you train in an average week?

4-5days per week, always the 5.45am class, unless I sleep in of course.

How important is staying healthy and fit to you? What part does your family have to play in this?

I have a 19month old daughter and another on the way…being fit and healthy for my family is important so I’m motivated to do things with them now and in the future.

Do you remember your first CF workout and what it felt like afterwards?

I remember coming to the free trial class and doing something like burpees, 100m run, squats. The open class had 10 rounds and we only needed to do 5 rounds. For the next week, I could barely lift my arms above my head. Must have liked it, seeing as I came back for more.

 What gets you through a difficult WOD?

I do have a competitive nature and enjoy pushing myself to finish in time or do one more rep. The coaches standing next to you telling you to keep going is also a plus.

How has it been starting to do some comp classes?

An eye opener…to say the least. I’ve only been twice, and both times have walked out with wobbly legs. Loved it though and plan to go more regularly. Fitting it in-between golf is the challenge.
What are your physical goals for the rest of 2015? 

Get my butterflies more efficient and consistent, so I can use them in WOD’s and to be able to Handstand walk across all the decks.

Favourite exercise?

I like the body weight movements – pull ups, butterflies, muscle ups, HSPU.

 Least favourite?

Squat Snatch – I need to improve my shoulder flexibility and wrist strength and then I’ll probably feel a bit better about it when I see it on the board.

Dream WOD?

I like the long WOD’s, even though you think S%#T when you see it on the board, at the end you feel so good that you completed it! The high is amazing.

If you could give one piece of advice to someone considering starting out at CFW, what would it be?

Just keep going…it may seem hard at first but as your body adjusts it does become easier. The coaches and members are so friendly and encouraging, it keeps me coming back.

3 facts about me you may not know;

  1. I’ve been married to my wife for 5 years but have been together since I was 17.
  2. At 20, I worked in the states doing Camp America for a few of months.
  3. I love sport, and will give anything a go.


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