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Charles Tanoa!! Chalres started with us as a teenager at the urging of his Mum, founding member Leichelle. He has grown up in CrossFit Waitakere Teens and at 18, is now an adult member. Well done to the whole family, both parents who are members and this young man who at one time -didn’t enjoy sport!

Name: Charles Tanoa Age: 18
Occupation: Student Live: Auckland

Charles, you were one of Coach Kapua’s original intake of teens back in 2013. What was it that made you start?

Recommendation from mum and decided that I would at least try it out once. Long story short 4 years later and here I am in Adults.

Do you remember your first CF workout and what it felt like afterwards?

Yes, front squats, wall balls and 400m run. Needless to say I was sucking up air like a vacuum afterwards.

Were you very sporty or was this something quite different for you?

Definitely different, the most exercise I did was P.E back in High School so the experience was quite a shock for me to adjust to, even took me a year before I could do a WOD without feeling dead afterwards.

What was it that you liked about it?

Finding my weak points and improving my strength and capabilities in those areas eg; squatting as well as the fact that every WOD was different and that there was no set schedule of what different moves we would be doing every time.

You’ve transitioned into the adult classes now – how has that been?

I’ve been enjoying it, the more days available to WOD and the different layout of the classes with the strength sessions have let me improve myself even more than when I was with the teens class.

How often do you train in an average week?

Usually 4 times every week.

What gets you through a difficult WOD?

Looking at everyone else struggling and using that to push myself at my hardest.

What are your physical goals for 2017?

Work on my general gymnastic skills; mainly pull-ups and toes to bar and improve rope climbing.

Favourite exercise?

Rope climbs.

Least favourite?

Overhead squats.

Dream WOD?

A WOD with a lot of Cardio a la running and strength building involving the rig, like toes to bar or pull-ups.

If you could give some advice to someone (especially to a teen) considering starting out at CFW, what would it be?
Try not to let the WOD intimidate you, even if it has movements in it that are hard for you to do. Try it as hard as you can but don’t rush yourself as you won’t improve in one day. Once you get the technique it’ll get easier over time but until then keep breathing and take it one step at a time.


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