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The Nicholsons! Mum, Dad, Blake and Tyler are all members at CrossFit Waitakere with the two boys in CrossFit Kids and Mum and Dad in Adult classes.

Names: Alex, Nicole, Blake and Tyler Nicholson
Ages: 34, 33, 9, 6
Occupations: Police Officer, Dental Therapist
Live: Henderson    

Alex, you are one of the original crew at CFW and now your whole family goes. What made you start and how did you rope in everyone? I was stuck in a rut and sick of being unfit! One of the old coaches was a cop and got me down for a trial, when I couldn’t walk for 3 days afterwards I knew I was on to a winner. Nicole saw how much I was enjoying it and the changes I was undergoing physically and mentally, she was of course keen to get in on that action.
What kind of sporting background do you both have?

A: Nada.  Computer nerd for lyfe.
N: As a kid I played Netball and danced (Jazz)
What sort of exercise were you both doing before you joined?

A: I was a member of Westwave Gym but got bored with the routine and didn’t really know what I was doing, I was a regular at Nicole’s BodyStep classes though 😉
N: Powerlifting and group fitness instructor 🙂
Nic- can you tell us about your powerlifting that you do and what that involves? Basically you train squat/bench/deadlift with some accessory work thrown in, then you compete and test your strength against people who weigh around what you do. It’s terrifying, exciting and empowering all at the same time, the people rock and when we’re not talking about lifting we are talking about food!!
How often do you guys train in an average week?

A: It used to be 4-5 but has dropped to about 2 since going back onto the frontline! Slowly trying to make the new roster work more in my favour.
N:4-5 and I try to get to Yoga….try!

How important is staying healthy and fit to you (and for the boys)?
A: We’ve created an environment for the kids where working out and training are a routine part of a normal week, the complete opposite to what it was like for me growing up. The pursuit of Gainz will forever keep my passion burning.
N: Top priority! I was a chubby kid and obese adult, I don’t want that for the boys.

Do you remember your first CF workout and what it felt like afterwards?

A: The trial was a basic AMRAP of wallballs, situps and a 200m run, it was pretty intense for me at the time – I was hooked immediately.
N: YES! It was 100 x push ups amongst other things, I couldn’t lift my arms for a week, Alex had to do my hair.
What gets you through a difficult WOD?

A:  Just one more rep, JUST ONE MORE REP.
N:  Good music, breaking up the reps and finding rhythm in the movement.
I love seeing your whole family bundle into the box, how do you make it all work as a family?
N: Alex and I discuss what class we want to go to and if it has to be the same class we prepare dinner that morning, make sure the boys are fed and if we have to we use bribery 🙂
A: We tell the boys what to do and they do it :

Alex, you have started competing at RX level. How has that been and what are you aiming for? Hard! It was a personal/mental challenge that I wanted to break through for my own development, telling myself I was ready was a big step! I’m not out to win the CF games or anything, I wanna be a healthy dad that can smash heavy weights with the best of them.

What are your physical goals for 2015?
A: At least 5 muscle-ups in one go, C2B butterflys, HANDSTAND WALKS.
N: Pullups, handstand, push ups
Favourite exercise?

N: Rowing, American swings
Least favourite?
A: GHD situps (I’ll feel nauseous for the rest of the day)
N: Running, thruster (and if they are both in a WOD I cry)

Dream WOD?
A: I certainly don’t dream about any of them! The hero/beast WODS have thebest feeling of satisfaction after completing them though.
N: A pretty lengthy chipper with rowing, cleans, dubs, AM swings
Favourite music to WOD to?
A: Loud and Angry (No Tay-Tay sorry Kapz)
N: Anything with a MASSIVE beat
If you could give some advice to someone considering starting out at CFW, what would it be?
A: You won’t die! Just come in and have fun, you’ll be super proud of yourself afterwards.
N: No one cares who comes first, no one remembers who comes last, just show up and do shit!
5 facts about the Nicholson Family;

  • Both boys were premature. Blake was born at 29.5 weeks and Tyler 35.4
  • Alex and Nicole met when we both worked at Video Ezy on Lincoln Road.
  • Nicole use to instruct Body Step and Body Combat classes until I started CF
  • We will be married for 10 years on the 9th July (I feel old!!)
  • Alex joined the Police in 2002 spent the last 3.5 yrs as a family violence investigator; he is currently seeking promotion to Sergeant.


Why do you like coming to the box?

B: Because I like watching you guys get fit and have a fun time.

T: I like to play on the cushions

Who is stronger – Mum or Dad?

B: Dad, but mum is still strong, Dad’s just a little bit stronger

T: Dad

What is one thing you want to learn at the box?

B: How to lift weights like you guys

T: Getting strong and stuff

Favourite exercise?

B: Mountain climbers

T: Star jumps

Least favourite?

B: Burpees

T: Air squats

If you were a superhero what powers of strength would you have?

B: Be able to run as fast as the flash

T: Be able to pick up cars and throw them at the baddies

What is you favourite kind of music to run around to?

B: Freaks!!

T: Bulletproof – Stan Walker



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