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Going RxD

What is RxD? In the general context of CrossFit going RxD means to
perform a workout as prescribed. The weight, reps, distance, number of
rounds, duration, format etc. A WOD can be designed in an infinite
number of ways. CrossFit HQ has created a number of benchmark workouts
that are universally known and allow for worldwide comparison. But we
are not limited to their WODs, Boxes can design their own, borrow
someone else’s or an individual could simply make up a WOD on the
spot. The idea is that WODs fit the formula of constantly varied
functional movements executed at high intensity.  In line with this
variance the prescription or RxD changes. Really, RxD is just the
arbitrary standard identified by the WOD creator. It is just numbers.

In a more specific application, RxD at CrossFit Waitakere generally
represents the standard by which the best athlete in the gym is able
to complete the WOD. Thus in the specific sense of our box it
generally represents a reference point that allows for more accurate
identification of appropriate scaling. RxD is generally assigned with
a time domain in mind first and foremost. From there we take account
of variables such as the number of reps, number of rounds, movements,
class format, goal of the WOD and more. There is a very good reason
for the use of RxD at our box.  It is to provide you all with a
reference point to scale back from to ensure you finish within in or
around the desired time domain.

Now let’s draw an analogy. RxD is for arguments sake akin to the speed
limits attached to our roads. Speed limits vary depending on the area,
conditions, hours of the day etc. So let’s take the 40km per hour
around schools at peak times as a great example. These are in force at
specific times of the day to ensure a certain level of safety. Now
these can be readily ignored in the same sense that you can do more
than RxD or choose to go RxD against your own or the coaches better
judgement. Now if for some reason you happen to ignore these signs, be
travelling in excess of the speed limits you are what is accurately
referred to as an accident waiting to happen. The consequences of
which could be grave and long lasting. No different to overreaching in
a WOD causing days of Central Nervous System (CNS) damage, excess
fatigue, DOMs or simply not finishing the WOD. Please note that
finishing a WOD too quickly is just as bad, you still missed the point
of the WOD.

What do you win for going RxD? Absolutely nothing. The purpose of the
WOD is to work at a level relative to your own limitations. So if RxD
is far beyond your capabilities taking account of all the variables
that come into play, then please scale, but scale relative to your own
abilities. Develop a sense of honesty in regard to your own training &
keep a log book for comparative purposes. If you choose not to scale
when you know you should, quite simply as Rob Orlando put it. “You
have fucked up”!


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