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As I write this post, the roller door rattles to a stop, the whiteboard is wiped down and the remaining pieces of equipment are cleared away. CrossFit Waitakere is officially closed for 2014. No more WODs, no chalk markings (Glenna sighs), no more yelling from the coaches. What now?


For most of you the box closing is a damn good thing. You’ve been in the box, day in and day out breaking yourself under the bar, pounding your head against the wall trying to get that first Double Under or Pull Up. It’s time for a break. It’s called a holiday for a reason and us coaches’ need one just as much as our members do. There’s a reason we’ve chosen to have a blanket shut down period. It will benefit you as members, as athletes, as hardworking individuals just as much as it will benefit us.

However, I know some of you will find it hard to rest for the whole time, so let’s talk options.

CrossFit DIY:

By now most of you are fairly familiar with enough of the movements incorporated into CrossFit to put together a simple WOD. But be sure to keep in mind the Constantly Varied Tenet. If you choose to WOD every other day over the shut down period, be sure to vary the time domain and volume. Constantly Varied, functional movements executed at a high intensity. That’s what CrossFit is all about. A short 8 Minute burst of Burpees to Double Unders on Xmas morning might just justify that bigger bowl of dessert, well almost.

This period is a really good time to let the mind and body recharge, so try not to over think anything. Get in some skill work you may be struggling with ie. Double Unders, HSPU Kipping progressions or Pistol Squats. But have fun with it. If you’re stuck for WOD ideas, download a CrossFit App. Most are free and offer a WOD function. The better ones separate the WODs by category. Mine even has a list of Travel WODS (It’s called WOD Book and is available on Android).  Or if you’re not quite at the Smartphone stage check out some online material.

So if you choose to DIY it. Be sure to get in a Warm-Up that helps to prepare you for the movements you are about to perform. Incorporate some skill work and then blast out that WOD. Remember to scale! & please, please remember to get in some MOBILITY.

Visit another box:

I’m going to keep this really simple and say that if you are thinking of visiting another box you should check out this blog by Craig, a coach at CrossFit NZ. It can be found here. It’s a good read, useful advice and makes you think not only about what you do when you visit another box, but some of the etiquette you may be practicing at your own box.

Or just go for a swim…

Merry Xmas & a Happy New Year! See you all in 2014.


  • cath — December 24, 2013

    Good on you devon – nice blog

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