February Athlete of the Month:

Name: Gabrielle Gofton
Age: Do you really need to know?  21….damn I mean 34
Occupation: Sport and Recreation Advisor Auckland Council
Lives: Avondale


How long have you been a member of CFW? 
Since inception almost 2 years ago.  Prior to that I was training with G at Les Mills doing Blast Off and personal training sessions.
How many times a week are you coming into the box?
I try to come 5 days a week and have 2 rest days.  If I am away with the Army then it will be only 4 times a week.
I believe that you were in the first (or one of the first) intakes of CFW – how was is starting out?
It was fun.  We were like a little family.  We got excited over small things like the pull up rig going in and the ropes being hung up.  It was all exciting until we had to start using them.
And what kind of training were you doing prior to Crossfit?
Prior to Crossfit I trained for and completed some endurance events – I did the Auckland and Rotorua marathon and a couple of half ironmans.  I would also go to a few pump, step and body attack classes at Les Mills.  And I played touch.
What was the first WOD that still sticks in your mind that you did?
Geez it was so long ago I can’t actually remember now.  No doubt it was something with wall balls and running in it.
And how did you feel afterwards?
It would have been how I feel after every WOD – relieved that its finished and I can finally have a drink of water without the coach yelling at me.
You are a very active person – what is it you like about cross fitting and how does it differ from other types of exercises you have done? 
What I love about crossfit is every day is different so you don’t get lazy or relaxed.  Every day is a challenge and its so rewarding when you notice the change or achieve something you never have before.
Would you say your life has changed since you started cross fitting?
Yes – people look at me strange in work meetings now as I pick the skin off my hands and drop it on the floor.  My hands are like sand paper now – they were always so smooth and soft before crossfit.  Also I have a lot more friends on facebook now – the paleo diet updates and pictures are starting to outnumber the amount of friends who post pictures of their babies.
What are you thinking about when working out? The answer to this can’t be Richard Froning.
Why can’t it be Rich Froning?  He is a great motivator.  Ummm it would have to be the clock and how I can beat it or a previous time.  This also depends on what it is we are doing.  During weights I concentrate on which muscles I need to lock tight but then during double unders I focus on trying to keep my shoulders and arms relaxed so I can use them for the next part of the workout.  Box jumps – I try to focus on not tripping over.  Most important of all I try to focus on breathing- its never a good idea to try and not breath for a 20 min AMRAP
Would you describe yourself as competitive?
Very much so.  Just ask poor Alex who was my partner for 2 to Tango.  I am sure there is a gem of a pic floating around somewhere.
What are your goals for this year in the box? Will 2014 be the year of the pull up?
Definitely the year of the pull up!  I am hoping the year of gymnastics for me.  It’s my weakness so I want to really focus more on it.
Who do you like working out with at the box?
Everyone!  The people are what makes crossfit so much fun.  Everyone pushes you to try harder and they support you when you are having an off kind of day.
Favourite exercise?
Wall balls – it pays to be tall for wall balls.
Snatches – because all the good sayings come from a snatch session at the box.
Least favourite?
It would have to be the dreaded pull ups!
Ultimate WOD?
30min AMRAP of vodka
No my ultimate WOD would have to be something made up of wall balls, rope climbs, double unders and power cleans.  Is there one of those?  I think we should make one up.
If you could give one piece of advice to someone starting out at CFW, what would it be?
I am not going to lie and say that it gets easier because it never does.  The day it is easy is the day you are not pushing yourself and challenging your limits.  Document everything so when you get disheartened you can have a look at how much you have improved since you started – that always helps boost morale. 
3 facts about me you may not know;
1. I volunteer and chair a trust called “Waitakere Events Supporting Talented Youth” (WESTY Trust), which organises events like the Waitakere Half Marathon and Santa Run to raise money to assist young people in West Auckland to achieve their goals.  Currently we offer a scholarship so that schools can nominate kids that cannot afford sports fees or essential sports equipment and we fund the fees directly to the club and buy the equipment for them.
2. I am a reserve force Engineer officer in the New Zealand Army
3.  I am a couple of weeks away from completing my Masters in Business Management with  a Human Resource Management endorsement.  Will be so happy when I am finished.


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