Focus Member Che Muller!

Name: Che Muller
Age: 36
Occupation: Physical Education Teacher at Kelston Boys High School
Lives: New Lynn but born and bred on the North Shore!

Hey Che – you only started crossfitting in May of this year – what a transformation already! Can you tell us a little about how has it been going?
I’ve really enjoyed it here at Crossfit Waitakere. I’d had a lot of life changes before walking in the doors with a relatively recent marriage separation and having to adjust to being a single father. From a hauora (wellbeing) perspective I was broken emotionally and spiritually before walking in the doors to CFW but I made the decision to work hard on the things I could control. I decided I wanted to be physically strong again and hopefully make some new friends along the way.

Since walking in the doors in May I haven’t looked back! I feel as good as I’ve ever felt! I’m strong, I’ve lost 27kgs to date and I’ve still got a lot I want to work on. Along with physically restoring myself I can’t be thankful enough about the members and coaches here at CFW. I’ve felt so welcome and valued from the minute I walked in the door. Everyone is so inclusive of every single member here. It’s rare to find that in a gym environment and it’s special.

What sort of exercise were you doing before you joined?
I’ve done a fair amount of Olympic lifting in the past, played rugby to a decent level and basically had a pretty standard gym background. I got over designing training programmes for whoever I trained with. I have to say, walking into a gym and having a structured, well thought out, periodised training plan for me every time I step in the gym is amazing!

Do you remember your first CF workout and what it felt like afterwards?
Yes… It was Karen (150 x Wall Balls). I didn’t understand what RX was so I just did the workout at RX weight! I remember waddling back to my car wondering what I’d got myself into! I came back the next day hungry for more though even though I was super sore! I’m still trying to work out how exercising myself til I drop is the thing that relaxes me the most!

And what is your average exercise week like now?
I generally get in 5 x a week. I’m lucky to have a Crossfit and Olympic weightlifting rig at work so I can still get a workout in if I can’t get into the box.

You are Dad to two beautiful young kids and one teenage girl – how important is staying healthy and fit to you and your family?
My two youngest, Ellie and Otis, come in with me to the gym and they love it here. It’s so awesome that being a single parent having young kids isn’t a barrier as I was seriously worried about it.

I get a lot of intrinsic pride from working hard at the gym but it means an awful lot that my children are really proud of me.

They show off to people telling them that “Dad doesn’t eat Macdonalds and goes to the gym. That’s why he’s got big muscles!” It’s also important to me to set an example for my family of how to keep yourself healthy and happy. To them it’s normal. They assume that one day they’re going to be Crossfitters when they’re older and they’re excited about it!

How has training at CFW helped you in your work (teaching)?
I’m just able to participate and engage in sports and practical activities a lot more. The boys like it when you occasionally jump into a game with them. Being able to lift more than most of the academy boys gives me a bit of cred as well!

I had a few students tell me I was getting skinny the other day… I told them never to call me skinny again lol!

What/who motivates you at the box?
If I had to single out 2 members it would be Mark Hastings and Charles. I often get paired with Mark in partner WODs and I can remember how encouraging he was when I was rookie! He’s just a very intense but very uplifting guy. I’ve spent the last few months trying to catch up with him!

Charles is what I hope my son is like when he’s older. A young guy that just comes in and smashes out workouts day in, day out. I’m an extroverted big mouth so I make sure I learn from people like Charles. He’s got this quiet determination about him that is admirable.

As someone who has coached a bit in his time I’m really impressed with the quality of all the coaches here at CFW as well. They’ve all got different strengths but they’re professional, technical and a lot of fun across the board.

Dream WOD?
DT. I love DT! Any workout that is all lifting I’m totally down with.

Which coach has the best playlist?
Hands down Kapua! I’m a child of 90s hip hop so I love those tunes while I’m working out.

If you could give one piece of advice to someone considering starting out at CFW, what would it be?
My advice would be to walk in the door, be humble and be ready to work hard. There’s so much to gain from this place from a physical, social, emotional and spiritual perspective. It’ll be the best decision you ever made.

3 facts about me you may not know
1. I once won the Burger Fuel national burger eating challenge in 2003!
2. I’m a keen fisherman and scuba diver.
3. I’m of Maori, Fijian and Tongan decent.


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