October Athlete of the Month- Mattaes Chapman!

Our teenage mutant ninja -Mattaes! Interview by Paddy Compter

Name: Mattaes Chapman
Age: 18 (19 Soon)
Occupation: Student
Lives: Henderson Heights

When did you join up at CFW? 

I joined up this year in the February

What sort of exercise programme were you doing before you started up here?

I actually joined West Wave gym at 15 and like most people started off with the classic body building reps and machine exercises, mainly to get bigger because I’m not a big guy, and I would run and bike a lot too. I did get bigger but got bored with the lack of functionality and slowly transitioned into free weights and complex movements, and then I saw crossfit videos and how fit they were, so I tried it at home for about 6 months in 2013 and some movements at the gym, before I finally signed up because I wanted to progress in crossfit.

You seemed to be able to pick up most aspects of crossfit quite easily… it hardly seems fair! Why do you think this is?

I feel like Ive been doing crossfit my whole life! Being monkey bar king at primary school, crosscountry running, gymnastics as a kid lots of different sports, helping my dad dig stuff and wheel barrowing it or helping my family move houses. I mainly try to focus on the technique of movements which I’ve always known to be important and also what I looked like and comparing myself to someone who can do it right until I get it. Lots of instructional video watching helps too!

How often do you train in an average week?

In an average week I usually train 5 x days at the box, and I’ll go running or do some bodyweight stuff at home for fun or if I’m bored

How important is staying healthy and fit to you?

It’s pretty important, my parents always encouraged me to do something whether it was sports or just mucking around, I was raised to think healthy go for fruit rather than lollies, eat my vegies. If I’m hungry though I’ll go for anything, usually pizza, I can easily eat a whole one, and then some haha.

Do you remember your first CF workout and what it felt like afterwards?

My first wod at the box was wall balls, box jumps and Russian swings. It was my first time doing wall balls, and my Russian swing technique was all legs. Felt good to learn correct movements, I thought I was fine so it showed me how much I needed to learn with everything else, and the workout was light weight so it didn’t hurt too much.

How do you push through a difficult WOD?

Break up reps, never go to failure unless I have 30 seconds left, ignore the pain and try to think about the fact that once the wod’s over the pain will go so I may as well make it worthwhile and see how far I can push myself!

What about food. What sort of food plan do you follow (if you have one)?

Ahhhh you know meat and veg, peanuts no seeds, lots of fruit and starch and sugar…hahahaha.

Can you also tell us about the competitions you have been in? What did you take out of them? What did you learn?

I have been in 3 x Crossfit comps. The first one a team comp, I learnt to make sure to bring your lunch, because man I went downhill quick in the second wod. The teen competition, I learnt to pace myself and not worry too much about how fast other people are going, but go at a pace that I can maintain. And for the Pound4Pound comp, I learnt that there are a lot of fitter people out there, so you can never stop getting better.

What/who motivates you at the box?

I couldn’t pick any one person, anyone that gets a pb or a hard skill, gets me fired up, or if someone is going hard in a wod it pushes me to go harder, a bit of healthy competition.

What are your physical goals for 2014? 

Handstand walk more than 10m, do a strict muscle up on the bar, clean over 100kg, Squat 140kg 1RM. I want to improve my endurance too, and just generally keep Pbing.

Favourite exercise?

Right now I have 2, overhead squat and muscleup.

Least favourite?

Probably burpees, but they’re okay.

 Dream WOD?

The iron triathlon at the moment I would like to say I’ve accomplished that.
If you could give one piece of advice to someone considering starting out at CFW, what would it be?

Take it easy, focus on the technique of a movement and get quality rather than quantity out of a workout.

3 facts about me you may not know;

1. Im half Australian

2. Im doing a degree in sport and recreation at AUT

3. I’ve broken my left collarbone three times, twice playing rugby


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