Our Featured Athlete- the Allen-Julian Whanau!

Names: Gail & Darren (Allen-Julian)
Ages: 46 (Birthday in Feb) & 50
Occupations: Taxi Driver to ‘2’ kids & office worker
Golf Course Greens BOSS
Live: Te Atatu South

Darren and the kids have been a member for over three years now and Gail over two years – who/what was it that made you walk through the doors of CFW?
G: Darren & the kids joined first. They all talked lots about the WODs & all the “cool” peeps – I didn’t want to miss out so I decided I needed to join. I spoke to Nicole who gave me her two cents worth and here I am today – luvin it with the 5:45am crew.

D: A friend of mine recommended trying Crossfit. I filled out the on-line form & within minutes Genice was on the blower! I though WOW – that’s how you sell a product. Well done G ☺
Also my Doc told me I was going down the road of becoming a type II diabetic – I didn’t want that to happen!

What sort of exercise were you both doing before you joined?
G: Nothing for a while then boot camp – I got injured
D: Running & swimming occasionally.

How often do you guys train in an average week?
G: 3 x normally per week
D: 3-4 per week

Your kids are both active and involved in sports as well. How important is staying healthy and fit to you (and the kids)?
G: Keep moving & don’t stop. Eat well & love what you do.
D: Now that I am seeing the changes happening in my family it is important to keep it up & keep on coming along.

Do you remember your first CF workout and what it felt like afterwards?
G: NO! Must’ve been a nightmare because I’ve blocked it out.
D: Can’t really remember but there’s one from the 1st few I did where I was partnered with Bjorn. WOD: Burpee Box Jump/Rope Climbs (1 rest whilst other works) – I got NO rest – 3 rounds into it & I told him he was on his own. F**K that boy is an energizer bunny ☺

What gets you through a difficult WOD?
G: Everyone – we’re all in it together suffering.
D: Breathing & the inspirational people around me.

We are getting close to the CrossFit Open time again. Can you tell me about your experience with the 2017 Open Gail? And will you be giving it a go this year Darren?
G: Well the Open – definitely challenged me in all aspects! I luv that it’s in-house; I pushed myself for I’m quietly competitive when I want to be & I wanted to get some good scores 😉 achieving goals & seeing “gains”. Looked forward to the finish
D: Hard to say; I haven’t decided yet.

What are your physical goals for 2018?
G: Keep doing, challenging myself & working on weakness – today OH Squats – I’m starting light but I did it & managed it OK.
D: Handstand against wall – to be achieved; working on pull ups & kipping in general.

Favourite exercise?
G: I’m still trying to figure that out.
D: Most except the one listed below & back squats.

Least favourite?
G: Thrusters (make me cry); running.
D: Cleans – any type, OH squats & running with a med ball ☹

Dream WOD?
G: Can it include chocolate (ha) or maybe partner/trio WOD’s – did enjoy working together with Bunny & Rachael in the ANDFIT WOD’s.
D: Partner WODs – wall balls/rowing/push press

If you could give some advice to someone considering starting out at CFW, what would it be?
G: Get along & try it; the people are awesome & the WODs are a killer.
D: Make an effort to come along; stick with it and you will start seeing results. Don’t try to keep up with the women in some lifts. Super strong ladies.

4 facts about the Allen-Julian Family;
1) 4 humans, 1 dog
2) Married last year after 29yrs together
3) Chocolate is our weakness
4) Apart from us ‘2’ Adults – Cagney & Rhys do CrossFit teens


  • Rachael Hastings — January 22, 2018

    Loved reading that! Awesome family, great attitude and so much fun! Keep making those gains xxxx

  • Alex Gukalo — January 22, 2018

    Gail & Darren is a true inspiration to me! Love thier team spririt and strong whanau ties! They are a true part of what holds CFW community together. Ochen klassno! (ask me next time you see me for translation)

  • Neki Neeks — January 23, 2018

    You are awesome Gail see you for more awesome times at 545am!!!

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