Third Time Lucky, Thought’s on the CrossFit Open

By Paddy Compter


This will be my third CrossFit Open. My first as Master (40+ years) and I am quietly excited and nervous as we approach the first workout being released this Friday by CF HQ.

Some of you will share this excitement. Some of you will be thinking ‘nah, uh – not for me’. Others will probably need to watch a video or two to actually figure out what the Open is in the first place.

If you haven’t signed up and think you’re somehow not fit enough, strong enough, capable enough then please re-consider. The Open is for everyone, that’s the whole point.

This is what I know about it:

It is challenging. Really challenging. But then so was this morning’s workout (shoot, I just stood up and my legs went all weird) and some stuff we did last week and will probably do next week. I don’t think I have ever been to a CF class where it was an easy ride, have you?

It makes you do stuff you didn’t think you could do. I achieved some PB’s in the 2014 Open (can’t remember specifically what) and was just chuffed to come through the five weeks and finish actually (there was no scaled option in 2014). Last year my personal highlight was 15.4 (a combo of handstand push-ups and heavy cleans). I had never done a HSPU without an abmat before and I tried to get one in the days preceding. Nope, no chance. Just smacked my head a few times. Morning of the workout and I tried just one more time at home. Success, I got one! I ended up getting seven HSPU’s in the actual workout between some cleans and was chuffed. Doesn’t matter what that new thing or PB is, it will make you feel great and push you into new, unchartered territory.

People at the box rule. This is a year round thing but it gets better over the Open somehow. There is more intermingling between classes, your judge suddenly becomes your new BFF as they get you through your last couple of reps, the atmosphere is magic and it can will you through stuff you didn’t think was possible.

The Leaderboard is a new fun/addictive hobby (ie when you enter your scores each week you are ranked in our region and also globally). Might not sound like much but when your name is up there you become interested, fast! In 2014 I came 1226 out of 3712 women who completed all five workouts in the Australian Region. Last year I came 1559 out of 4672 women in the Australian region. But did it really matter where I came? No. Okay, maybe just a little. Okay, okay I did need to beat Cath.

It is good for your ego. As well as making you do stuff you haven’t been able to do before the Open also highlights your weaknesses. Of course there are things that are going to be out of my realm of possibility (muscle ups, la la lah). I know this. When I started CF I was blissfully ignorant to what I needed to work on. Now I KNOW what I need to work on (pullups and snatches, always). And I know these things will come up in the Open but I don’t care. I might just suck a little less at them this year than last. And me and my ego are okay with that.

It is measurable. They repeat workouts in the Open. You can look back at your progress and realise, yep I am more awesome this year then I was two years ago.

You’ll be doing the WOD’s anyway. I don’t want to give away any big secrets but by Friday 2pm-ish we will know what Saturday’s WOD will be. Because everyone will be doing the Open WOD.

It is for everyone. Really, it is. Dab hand, brand new thing, old, young, whatever. There are scaled options and for the silver foxes, they scale it even more. You already turn up to the box 3, 4, 5 times a week, every week, work hard and give it your best. The Open is just like that, but maybe a little better.

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