• Our Featured Member!

    In honour of Mother’s day, meet one of our many mothers (and grandmothers!) who train with us at CrossFit Waitakere… Beverley!

    Interview by Paddy Compter

    Name: Beverley Cardozo
    Age:  37

    Occupation: Bank Manager at ASB
    Lives: Henderson

    You have been coming to CFW for around two years I believe… how did you come about starting up?  About 2 years I think, started as a casual member after having my daughter as I live out west and was going to be working out west too.

    What sort of exercise were you doing before you joined? I’ve always enjoyed being active, NZ is such a beautiful country and have had the opportunity to try stuff I never would have dreamed of if I lived in India. Apart from going to regular gyms in the past, I have completed a marathon and a number of triathlons.

    How often do you train in an average week? About 4-5 times a week

    How important is staying healthy and fit to you and your family?Super important! You only get one body and it can do some amazing things but you need to look after it. Both my husband and I enjoy the health and mental benefits, we find we sometimes are less patient if we have missed a workout for a few days. We have better energy with regular activity and absolutely want to set a good example for our kids.

    How do you push through a difficult WOD?I try not to focus on the little voice in my head that says I’m too tired instead I just focus on the reps to be done, breathing, and tell myself not to stop till the WOD is done or the timer goes off.

     You are one of the morning class regulars. How is it getting up and training so early? I’m a morning person, I would much rather get it done in the morning, so I don’t have all day to make excuses and not turn up in the evening.

    It’s like my mental therapy, one of the few times my brain disconnects from the million things I need to do and just focus on the task at hand. It sets me up for a much better day.

     And can you tell me about some of your experiences competing – you’ve done both team and individual comps – what were they like? I have only done one team comp and one individual (apart from the CrossFit Open). I found the team one was awesome, lots of fun working together as a team and you worry less about the things you can’t do as the team can strategize to each person’s capability. The individual comp definitely taught me the things I need to work on but also helped me push to do better than I would do in a regular class.

    What/who motivates you at the box? The small achievements. It took me ages to get a kipping pullup, or even to kick up to the wall but just the little challenges each day and achieving the small things I couldn’t do before feels awesome. The members and the coaches are amazing and so encouraging. I’ve tried a few gyms/ bootcamps etc over the years and the members here are so welcoming.

    Favourite exercise? Umm is there such a thing?! (unless your Amber who shreeks with glee when she sees snatches on the board lol) I tend to prefer the longer WODs.

    Least favourite?Being upside down! I need to work on getting one HSPU! But does anyone like thrusters too?

    If you could give one piece of advice to someone considering starting out at CFW, what would it be?
    DO IT. For many reasons, some of which already mentioned you will not regret it.

    3 facts about me you may not know;

    1. I used to be a runway model in India (a long long time ago)
    2. My husband and I have 2 kids, Adam who is 4 and Elise who is 2. We have NO family here whatsoever! Babysitting offers always welcome =)
    3. I have completed 2 Half Ironman events, and I had never ever owned a bike before deciding to give triathlon a go!

    Thank you for taking the time to read all of this!

    While I’m sharing my story, I would also like to offer my help to any of our members that may need ‘banking’ type guidance and advice. Especially in

    -home ownership,

    -protecting you, your family, or your assets with insurance (yes I hate paying for it too), -or making the most of your kiwisaver (if you’re starting to qualify for masters category like me lol and are thinking about your retirement)I’ve worked with ASB for 15 years so and know a thing or two, if I can’t help you myself I usually know someone who can.

  • Athlete of the Month

    Name: Anya Chervinskaya

    Age: 28

    Occupation: Software Developer

    Lives: Henderson





    You have been coming to CFW for a few years now… how did you come about starting up? 

    I always wanted to try CrossFit but I was always to shy to actually try it by myself haha then I met Nicole at the gym I used to go to, and she convinced me to give it a go.

     What sort of exercise were you doing before you joined? 

    I started going to the gym when I was about 24, just doing normal ”gym stuff”, then I got into powerlifting about a year later, when I met Nicole, who was also doing powerlifting. Other than that, I have never played any other sport in my life.

    Do you remember your first CF workout and what it felt like afterwards? 

    Ohh it was so long ago, I can’t really remember. But I remember doing filthy fifty for Coach K’s 50th birthday. It was probably about a month after I started, and it was horrible. Everyone finished waaay before me, so I had to cut reps and pretend I was also done.

     How often do you train in an average week?

    I train 6 days a week. I try and do active recovery on Sundays, like yoga, running or swimming.

     How important is staying healthy and fit to you?

    It never used to be important, until I found myself depressed, overweight and unhappy with myself about 5 years ago. Is it now probably one of the most important parts of my life. Exercising helps me relief stress after a hard day of work, helps me stay healthy and look good.

    You have made amazing progress in the box from being primarily a power athlete to a super capable all rounder. What have you done in your training to enable this change?

    The biggest change I have made was the diet and my mindset. When I started CrossFit, my only goal was to lose weight. I tried probably every single diet known to mankind, but would not stick to it for more than a month. I had an issue with bad binge eating as well. At training all I wanted to do was cardio, as I though only cardio would make me lose weight. Two years into CrossFit, I was actually heavier than I was when I started.

    This past Labour Weekend was NZ Team Nationals Competition and all the teams worked really hard. What do you like most about competitive CrossFit?

    It makes me push harder and do things that I never thought I would be able to do. It also gives you something to train for.

    How did team RX-ish feel about the competition?

    Ohhh we felt great. It was the first RX competition for the most of us, so we just went there for the experience and to have fun, with no expectations 😊

    All my teammates are my really good friends, that I have competed with before, so we were just looking forward to a fun weekend away 😊

    Can you also tell us a little bit about the type of food you eat and what you have changed over the years to make it work for you?

    I eat pretty much same thing every day. I weigh all my food, and try to hit the same number of carbs, fats and protein every day. Most of the carbs I eat (rice, bread, pasta) are around training, and most of the fats are in the morning. I also limit my sugar intake, and try to say no to all the treats at work 😊

    I am definitely not 100% strict, and I do say yes to treats every so often, but I have to make sure I get back on track straight after.

     What gets you through a difficult WOD?

    Good music definitely helps a lot, and also positive self-talk.

    What/who motivates you at the box?

    The whole CFW crew really. From all our amazing coaches, to the amazing members we have got. I have made some really good friends at the box and working out with them by my side help me stay motivated and to push through dark places.

    Favourite exercise?

    Hang cleans

    Least favourite?


    Dream WOD?

    Hang power cleans, wall balls and dubs

    Favourite workout music?

    Drum and Base, or whatever coach Kurt plays 😊

    If you could give one piece of advice to someone considering starting out at CFW, what would it be?

    Nutrition is the key! Stick to one way of eating and do not give up. All diets work, you just have to find what works for you.

    3 facts about me you may not know;

    1. Lost 20kg since I started CrossFit
    2. Moved to NZ on my own from Russia when I was 17yrs old
    3. Never played any sport, before starting CrossFit


  • Athlete of the Month!

    The Suralta Whanau! Mum, Dad and teenager Keana all train at CrossFit Waitakere. Mum and Dad in Adult classes and Keana in our CrossFit Teens Class. We are so inspired by this incredible family that we chose them as our Athlete(s) of the Month. We believe that parents are the best role models for our kids. They will sometimes do what you say, but mostly- they do what you do.

    Interview by Paddy Compter

    Names: Johnel, Nice & Keana

    Live: Henderson

    You have all been coming to CFW for over a year now, what motivated you to start? 

    We always wanted to be physically strong for as long as we can.

    How is it training somewhere together as a family?

    This is the first gym that we have been together, though we haven’t got a chance to be in the same class yet. There are lots of times that we talk about WODs at home and it’s quite good that we have a common interest now that we didn’t have a year ago.

    What sort of exercise were you both doing before you joined?

    Johnel –   I was in another gym for about 4yrs and the last 2yrs of those was doing CrossFit. Then I was just doing a boxfit class but a friend of mine encouraged me to do CrossFit and the rest is a beautiful history.

    Nice – I was in Club physical for quite sometime doing the old school pre weights and cardio exercises. Johnel was already talking to me about the people of CrossFit, and how the community is going to help me get towards my goals but I was too scared to give it a try at that time.

    Keana – She was in a sports program sponsored by Harbour Sport in North Shore. She did the program for a couple of years. It’s not necessarily for special child like her, in fact she’s the only special child in the group. And aside from that, she was in a swimming class for three years.

    Keana is a regular attendee of CrossFit Teens and I heard she is doing classes on her own now! How has that journey been?

    Unlike other teens in the gym, Keana is autistic – a special child – where her condition gives her a lot of limitations unlike the normal teens. One example of that is her learning capacity. She can be very slow in picking up instructions that are given in the class which is why in her first year in this gym, I was required to stay with her during her CrossFit class to watch her and make sure that she understood the WODs.

    It was quite hard for me during her first few CrossFit classes but later on I realised that by doing it with her, it gives her a chance to have her own personal coach and I can push her harder to her ability.

    When she started here a year ago, she couldn’t even run 200 metres. She would just walk parts of it on her way back to the gym. But now, she’s comfortable with 4 x rounds of 400 metres (in a WOD).

    Staying up on the pull up bar for at least 3 seconds before was impossible for her when she started here. But now she can carry her weight up in the bar for a longer period of time while doing knee raises.

    Keana does not have the ability that a normal teen of her age has and she may be well behind of other teens in the gym, but for us her parents, we are very grateful to our coaches for letting her join the CrossFit Teens class and for all the patience that they are giving to Keana. For us she is a very good example that CrossFit is definitely for everybody. Her journey might take longer than others or she might not be able to finish it at all, but we can see that she is doing everything she can to be a better person one day.

    How often do you guys train in an average week?

    Johnel – 4 x times a week plus the Sunday Yoga.

    Nice –    2 to 3 times a week

    Keana – 2 x times a week plus Yoga on Sundays.

    How important is staying healthy and fit to you all?

    It is important to us to live longer. We want to stay in shape as long as we can so that we can serve our kids longer. Specially our youngest, Keana.

    Do you remember your first CF workout (“WOD”)and what it felt like afterwards?

    Yes it was 15 x box jump, 300 metre run, 15 x WB shots – 4 RFT

    It brought me to my knees after the WOD, it’s was the hardest thing that I had done for myself in years. I really felt that it was too much for me..and believe me, I gave up CrossFit after that very first WOD. For four months I didn’t do any further CrossFit classes and I just stayed in my normal routine doing boxfit. But then I realised that I should give CrossFit another shot and this time I did it slowly (scaled) until I got comfortable with the movements and it works, until now I am still doing this thing that we all love “CrossFit”.

    What gets you through a difficult WOD?

    All the people that I am working with in the gym. It’s them who give me the encouragement to get through.

    What are your physical goals for the rest of 2018?

    To be able to do 10 unbroken double unders.

    Favourite exercise? 

    Thrusters & HandStand PushUps

    Least favourite?

    Run and burpees

    Dream WOD?

    Nothing really in particular but the recent “strongman” WOD was really awesome.

    Favourite music to WOD to?

    Anything with loud noise will do (Johnel)

    If you could give some advice to someone considering starting out at CFW, what would it be?

    Start slowly. Give yourself time to adjust naturally. We all have our own unique CrossFit journey.

    5 facts about the Suralta Family:

    I cannot think of things here, so I thought that I would just take this space to tell everyone that it’s the people here in CFW and the coaches that keep us motivated.

    I have been in quite a few gyms around Auckland and this is my second CrossFit gym but only here that I really realise the true meaning of CrossFit community.

    Thank you everyone for all the support and encouragement and we wish that we may all still be together for the coming years under one box doing what we love to do.


  • Athlete of the Month!


    Celeste Esera! Interview by Paddy Compter

    Name:  Celeste Esera
    Age:  35
    Occupation: Admin for a finance company

    Lives: Henderson

    How did you start up doing CrossFit? Did your husband Tony have something to do with it?

    Haha, how did you guess?! Yeah, I never wanted to do crossfit (only because it scared me and I thought there was NO WAY I could do the things “crossfitters” do). But luckily Tony signed me up for elements without me knowing, telling me he’d already paid so I had to do it and if I didn’t like it I could stop once elements was done.

    What was your exercise background?

    Next question….

    Haha. I did ballet when I was a little girl until 12. Apart from that I didn’t start any kind of exercise journey until after having Ava to be honest. I struggled to lose my baby weight with her so some friends talked me into joining the gym. And that’s pretty much it as far as sports/exercise goes.

    How long have you been doing CrossFit now?

    Bang on 4 years now. I wish I’d found it sooner!

    How often do you fit in training in an average week?

    On a good week 5-6 days, on a not so good week 3-4 days.

    For those who don’t know your background (health wise) could you tell us a little about your heart condition and how that affects you physically?

    Sure, where to start haha.

    I was born with a hole in my heart, and a condition called Wolf Parkinson White syndrome. However neither was picked up until I was 18. At 19 I had surgery for the wpw and 2 days later open heart surgery to close the hole in my heart.

    In more recent years, I have had rhythm problems, a condition called atrial fibrillation, and have had 3 heart procedures to attempt fixing it, the most recent being October last year.

    I try not to let it affect my training, but obviously I don’t always have a say. I’ve become very good at listening to my body and scaling back or even stopping mid wod when needed. If anything it has helped me push harder and set bigger training goals, just to show myself I will not let my condition restrict me. Anyway, exercise is good for hearts right?!

    How important is exercise to you (and your family)?

    Exercise has always been important to Tony, I never used to understand what the big deal was.. until I started exercising!

    Now it is a huge part of our lives, most of you probably know the box is our family’s second home haha. (But seriously)

    What are you working towards at the moment?

    Right now I’m training for the NZ Nationals team comp in October. By far the biggest and scariest goal I’ve set myself. It will be One year post surgery too.

    I never in a million years thought I would be competing in CrossFit competitions, and now this will be my 3rd.

     You and Tony are great role-models for your kids. How important do you think that is for kids (to have positive role models around)?

    Oh it’s super important, I think. Our kids idolize us when they are young. And they are always watching, so its important they watch you doing the right things. It makes my heart smile when I hear my daughter say things like “I want to be strong like mummy”.

    What/who motivates you at the box?

    First and foremost, my husband. He pushes and motivates me to believe in myself. And pushes me to keep going, always.

    The coaches all have a huge part in motivating and helping me achieve my goals, even with all my obstacles.

    And last but not least, the members. Our CFW family have become some of our closest friends. Pushing through those dark places together helps me get through and keep going.

    What are your physical goals for 2018? 

    To get strong AF!!!!

    Favourite exercise?

    Power cleans and rope climbs!

    Least favourite?

    Burpees, thrusters.

    Dream WOD?

    Cleans, pullups and rope climbs… I also love grinding through a good hero wod or chipper!

    Top couple of songs to WOD to.

    Any up beat Michael Jackson, or Tupac!

    If you could give one piece of advice to someone considering starting out at CFW, what would it be?

    Take the leap and never look back! It turns you into a badass, who can do badass things!!!

    3 facts about me you may not know;

    I was born in Melbourne and lived there until I was 13, although both my parents are kiwis and I have a nz passport… so I’m a kiwi!

    I was born 6 weeks premature, and had Xavier 6 weeks early.

    I’m the eldest of 3 girls, with a massive 13 year age gap between me and my youngest sister.

  • Our Featured Athlete- the Allen-Julian Whanau!

    Names: Gail & Darren (Allen-Julian)
    Ages: 46 (Birthday in Feb) & 50
    Occupations: Taxi Driver to ‘2’ kids & office worker
    Golf Course Greens BOSS
    Live: Te Atatu South

    Darren and the kids have been a member for over three years now and Gail over two years – who/what was it that made you walk through the doors of CFW?
    G: Darren & the kids joined first. They all talked lots about the WODs & all the “cool” peeps – I didn’t want to miss out so I decided I needed to join. I spoke to Nicole who gave me her two cents worth and here I am today – luvin it with the 5:45am crew.

    D: A friend of mine recommended trying Crossfit. I filled out the on-line form & within minutes Genice was on the blower! I though WOW – that’s how you sell a product. Well done G ☺
    Also my Doc told me I was going down the road of becoming a type II diabetic – I didn’t want that to happen!

    What sort of exercise were you both doing before you joined?
    G: Nothing for a while then boot camp – I got injured
    D: Running & swimming occasionally.

    How often do you guys train in an average week?
    G: 3 x normally per week
    D: 3-4 per week

    Your kids are both active and involved in sports as well. How important is staying healthy and fit to you (and the kids)?
    G: Keep moving & don’t stop. Eat well & love what you do.
    D: Now that I am seeing the changes happening in my family it is important to keep it up & keep on coming along.

    Do you remember your first CF workout and what it felt like afterwards?
    G: NO! Must’ve been a nightmare because I’ve blocked it out.
    D: Can’t really remember but there’s one from the 1st few I did where I was partnered with Bjorn. WOD: Burpee Box Jump/Rope Climbs (1 rest whilst other works) – I got NO rest – 3 rounds into it & I told him he was on his own. F**K that boy is an energizer bunny ☺

    What gets you through a difficult WOD?
    G: Everyone – we’re all in it together suffering.
    D: Breathing & the inspirational people around me.

    We are getting close to the CrossFit Open time again. Can you tell me about your experience with the 2017 Open Gail? And will you be giving it a go this year Darren?
    G: Well the Open – definitely challenged me in all aspects! I luv that it’s in-house; I pushed myself for I’m quietly competitive when I want to be & I wanted to get some good scores 😉 achieving goals & seeing “gains”. Looked forward to the finish
    D: Hard to say; I haven’t decided yet.

    What are your physical goals for 2018?
    G: Keep doing, challenging myself & working on weakness – today OH Squats – I’m starting light but I did it & managed it OK.
    D: Handstand against wall – to be achieved; working on pull ups & kipping in general.

    Favourite exercise?
    G: I’m still trying to figure that out.
    D: Most except the one listed below & back squats.

    Least favourite?
    G: Thrusters (make me cry); running.
    D: Cleans – any type, OH squats & running with a med ball ☹

    Dream WOD?
    G: Can it include chocolate (ha) or maybe partner/trio WOD’s – did enjoy working together with Bunny & Rachael in the ANDFIT WOD’s.
    D: Partner WODs – wall balls/rowing/push press

    If you could give some advice to someone considering starting out at CFW, what would it be?
    G: Get along & try it; the people are awesome & the WODs are a killer.
    D: Make an effort to come along; stick with it and you will start seeing results. Don’t try to keep up with the women in some lifts. Super strong ladies.

    4 facts about the Allen-Julian Family;
    1) 4 humans, 1 dog
    2) Married last year after 29yrs together
    3) Chocolate is our weakness
    4) Apart from us ‘2’ Adults – Cagney & Rhys do CrossFit teens

  • Focus Member Che Muller!

    Name: Che Muller
    Age: 36
    Occupation: Physical Education Teacher at Kelston Boys High School
    Lives: New Lynn but born and bred on the North Shore!

    Hey Che – you only started crossfitting in May of this year – what a transformation already! Can you tell us a little about how has it been going?
    I’ve really enjoyed it here at Crossfit Waitakere. I’d had a lot of life changes before walking in the doors with a relatively recent marriage separation and having to adjust to being a single father. From a hauora (wellbeing) perspective I was broken emotionally and spiritually before walking in the doors to CFW but I made the decision to work hard on the things I could control. I decided I wanted to be physically strong again and hopefully make some new friends along the way.

    Since walking in the doors in May I haven’t looked back! I feel as good as I’ve ever felt! I’m strong, I’ve lost 27kgs to date and I’ve still got a lot I want to work on. Along with physically restoring myself I can’t be thankful enough about the members and coaches here at CFW. I’ve felt so welcome and valued from the minute I walked in the door. Everyone is so inclusive of every single member here. It’s rare to find that in a gym environment and it’s special.

    What sort of exercise were you doing before you joined?
    I’ve done a fair amount of Olympic lifting in the past, played rugby to a decent level and basically had a pretty standard gym background. I got over designing training programmes for whoever I trained with. I have to say, walking into a gym and having a structured, well thought out, periodised training plan for me every time I step in the gym is amazing!

    Do you remember your first CF workout and what it felt like afterwards?
    Yes… It was Karen (150 x Wall Balls). I didn’t understand what RX was so I just did the workout at RX weight! I remember waddling back to my car wondering what I’d got myself into! I came back the next day hungry for more though even though I was super sore! I’m still trying to work out how exercising myself til I drop is the thing that relaxes me the most!

    And what is your average exercise week like now?
    I generally get in 5 x a week. I’m lucky to have a Crossfit and Olympic weightlifting rig at work so I can still get a workout in if I can’t get into the box.

    You are Dad to two beautiful young kids and one teenage girl – how important is staying healthy and fit to you and your family?
    My two youngest, Ellie and Otis, come in with me to the gym and they love it here. It’s so awesome that being a single parent having young kids isn’t a barrier as I was seriously worried about it.

    I get a lot of intrinsic pride from working hard at the gym but it means an awful lot that my children are really proud of me.

    They show off to people telling them that “Dad doesn’t eat Macdonalds and goes to the gym. That’s why he’s got big muscles!” It’s also important to me to set an example for my family of how to keep yourself healthy and happy. To them it’s normal. They assume that one day they’re going to be Crossfitters when they’re older and they’re excited about it!

    How has training at CFW helped you in your work (teaching)?
    I’m just able to participate and engage in sports and practical activities a lot more. The boys like it when you occasionally jump into a game with them. Being able to lift more than most of the academy boys gives me a bit of cred as well!

    I had a few students tell me I was getting skinny the other day… I told them never to call me skinny again lol!

    What/who motivates you at the box?
    If I had to single out 2 members it would be Mark Hastings and Charles. I often get paired with Mark in partner WODs and I can remember how encouraging he was when I was rookie! He’s just a very intense but very uplifting guy. I’ve spent the last few months trying to catch up with him!

    Charles is what I hope my son is like when he’s older. A young guy that just comes in and smashes out workouts day in, day out. I’m an extroverted big mouth so I make sure I learn from people like Charles. He’s got this quiet determination about him that is admirable.

    As someone who has coached a bit in his time I’m really impressed with the quality of all the coaches here at CFW as well. They’ve all got different strengths but they’re professional, technical and a lot of fun across the board.

    Dream WOD?
    DT. I love DT! Any workout that is all lifting I’m totally down with.

    Which coach has the best playlist?
    Hands down Kapua! I’m a child of 90s hip hop so I love those tunes while I’m working out.

    If you could give one piece of advice to someone considering starting out at CFW, what would it be?
    My advice would be to walk in the door, be humble and be ready to work hard. There’s so much to gain from this place from a physical, social, emotional and spiritual perspective. It’ll be the best decision you ever made.

    3 facts about me you may not know
    1. I once won the Burger Fuel national burger eating challenge in 2003!
    2. I’m a keen fisherman and scuba diver.
    3. I’m of Maori, Fijian and Tongan decent.

  • Athlete of the Month

    Charles Tanoa!! Chalres started with us as a teenager at the urging of his Mum, founding member Leichelle. He has grown up in CrossFit Waitakere Teens and at 18, is now an adult member. Well done to the whole family, both parents who are members and this young man who at one time -didn’t enjoy sport!

    Name: Charles Tanoa Age: 18
    Occupation: Student Live: Auckland

    Charles, you were one of Coach Kapua’s original intake of teens back in 2013. What was it that made you start?

    Recommendation from mum and decided that I would at least try it out once. Long story short 4 years later and here I am in Adults.

    Do you remember your first CF workout and what it felt like afterwards?

    Yes, front squats, wall balls and 400m run. Needless to say I was sucking up air like a vacuum afterwards.

    Were you very sporty or was this something quite different for you?

    Definitely different, the most exercise I did was P.E back in High School so the experience was quite a shock for me to adjust to, even took me a year before I could do a WOD without feeling dead afterwards.

    What was it that you liked about it?

    Finding my weak points and improving my strength and capabilities in those areas eg; squatting as well as the fact that every WOD was different and that there was no set schedule of what different moves we would be doing every time.

    You’ve transitioned into the adult classes now – how has that been?

    I’ve been enjoying it, the more days available to WOD and the different layout of the classes with the strength sessions have let me improve myself even more than when I was with the teens class.

    How often do you train in an average week?

    Usually 4 times every week.

    What gets you through a difficult WOD?

    Looking at everyone else struggling and using that to push myself at my hardest.

    What are your physical goals for 2017?

    Work on my general gymnastic skills; mainly pull-ups and toes to bar and improve rope climbing.

    Favourite exercise?

    Rope climbs.

    Least favourite?

    Overhead squats.

    Dream WOD?

    A WOD with a lot of Cardio a la running and strength building involving the rig, like toes to bar or pull-ups.

    If you could give some advice to someone (especially to a teen) considering starting out at CFW, what would it be?
    Try not to let the WOD intimidate you, even if it has movements in it that are hard for you to do. Try it as hard as you can but don’t rush yourself as you won’t improve in one day. Once you get the technique it’ll get easier over time but until then keep breathing and take it one step at a time.

  • Athlete of the Month

    Name: Carlos Lin         

    Age: 25

    Occupation: Casual Worker

    Lives: Henderson

    When did you start at CFW and what made you walk through the door? 

    I did the free trial sometime in February 2016. I decided around that time that I wanted to start exercising. Crossfit was something I had heard about ages ago and I wanted to give it a try. CFW was the closest one to me when I looked up places that did crossfit.

    What sort of exercise were you doing before you joined?

    Absolutely nothing.

    You are a committed and totally coachable athlete – how often do you train in an average week?

    I usually train 5 times a week if I can but if I can’t then I just do as many times as I can.

    How important is staying healthy and fit to you?

    They are both very important to me now since I’ve experienced how much easier it makes life being healthy and fit. Being healthy was always important to me since I’ve seen how many problems can occur when you aren’t but being fit only became important after experiencing how amazing it feels and how much better life is when you are fit.

    What is your first ‘can’t forget’ workout?

    This was actually difficult for me to come up with an answer for because my brain must instinctively chooses to forget hard workouts to protect itself from the trauma of it. But after thinking about it a lot, the one I remember was a 4 rounds for time of Wall balls, American Swings and box Jumps. The numbers were 30, 20 and 10. Can’t remember which numbers were assigned to which exercise but I do remember struggling to breathe afterwards and everyone I saw do it also struggling to breathe.

    What gets you through a difficult WOD?

    My desire to see how fit I can get and knowing that doing this WOD will help me achieve that. 

    What are your physical goals for 2017?

    Getting my first muscle up and handstand walks

    Favourite exercise?

    Double unders

    Least favourite?


    Dream WOD?

    Some WOD that’s pure cardio or at least has very little strength involved. Just because cardio is something I can push myself a lot more doing than something strength based.

    Top three songs on your playlist?

    I don’t actually listen to music that often any more, so my current playlist would be my old playlist from high school/university and the top three songs on that playlist would all be from Linkin Park. Which 3 of their songs though I wouldn’t know.

    If you could give some advice to someone considering starting out at CFW, what would it be?

    Just give it a try. Most likely that worst thing that can happen is you decide that you don’t like it and decide to quit. The best thing that can happen is that it changes your life and how you view health and fitness.

    Three things about me that you won’t know…

    1. I have a Bachelor of Engineering specialising in chemical and materials engineering
    2. By nature, I’m a indoorsman
    3. I’m 100% a nerd (video games, superheroes, etc)

  • Athlete Of the Month

    Name: Sarah

    Age:  26

    Occupation: Pastry chef

    Lives: Mt Albert

    You’ve been coming for a while now. How did you joinup? Bjorn convinced me going for a trial was a good idea. Had no idea what I was getting into at the time though

    How often do you train in an average week? I try normally 4-6 times.

    And how important is staying healthy and fit to you? Very my day always seems to be better when I have trained in the morning.

    Do you remember your first CF workout and what it felt like afterwards?Yup

    Wall balls

    Russian swing

    Box jumps and


    Couldn’t move very well, had my friend laughing at me trying to move the next day. All the bowls and equipment I needed had to be under the bench I was working on that day.

    How do you push though a difficult WOD?Tell myself to just keep moving it will be over soon

    I would describe you as one of the quiet achievers in the box. Always working away and making some amazing gains but not really blowing your own trumpet. What are the things you are most proud of at the box? Being able to look back to when I started and see improvement however slow it has been.

    How do you fit working at Criollo into a good overall diet? Must be challenging… Diet??!! Moderation and eating real ingredients that your body knows how to process. Real chocolate has many health benefits and you feel satisfied from a smaller amount.

    What/who motivates you at the box?Knowing there is a awesome group of encouraging people there. And the community feel of it outside the box.

    Favourite exercise? Depends on my mood Farmers carry. Double unders. Box jumps

    Least favourite? Snatch Overhead squats

    Dream WOD?

    Farmers carry

    Double unders

    And wall balls.

    Enough to be out of breath lying on the floor when it’s over.

    Best WOD-ing music? Something to drain out the sound of  myself dying

    If you could give one piece of advice to someone considering starting out at CFW, what would it be? Don’t watch people do it, just try it out

    3 facts about me you may not know;

    1. Snow over summer any day

    2. Known as “Ricie” by some family and friends. May have eaten a few to many growing up.

    3. Have competed as part of the NZ pastry team.


  • Athlete of the Month

    Alan Gibson!

    Thank you Alan for the work you do. Us westies love our beaches and our bush which we often take for granted until we get in trouble. Waitakere is a better place for having you in it!

    Interview by Paddy Compter

    Name: Alan Gibson
    Age: 41
    Occupation: Medical Simulation
    Lives: Piha

    How long have you been crossfitting now and what was it that got you started? I have been coming to the box since Dec 2014. And what got me started?…….sadly I separated from my sons mum some 5 years ago and ended up doing a lot of comfort eating as a form of coping. I was in Northland after a few days of working teaching the ambulance service how to do good quaity CPR. Upon driving to Whangarei I just about fell asleep at the wheel and woke myself up before I crashed- it turned out to be one of those Aha moments – my body shape was XXXL and I felt tired a lot of the time- something needed to be done.

    What sort of exercise were you doing before you joined? Basically nothing

    How often do you train in an average week?I haven’t been in a few weeks due to starting a new role but I was going 3-5 times a week and I love it.

    How important is staying healthy and fit to you and your family?I have an active 6-year-old boy and its very important I am around for him and I don’t die early. Its interesting teaching others CPR when you discover last year 1875 people had a pre -hospital cardiac arrest and only 15% survive.My son loves his bike and he wants to be on it every day…….rain or sun we are out having fun- fitness has enabled me to be a better parent.

    Do you remember your first CF workout and what it felt like afterwards?It was the lovely Fran and I am sure if she was an Apple product she would be ‘i gorgeous’…….. like most x partners who have the madness gene she pushed me into a very uncomfortable area in my life. Upon reflection I am happy I met Fran as it was the start of a journey to help me lose 8 inches off my waste.

    I have always admired your tenacity in difficult WOD’s, how do you push though when the going gets tough?I don’t believe I push through at all, during the WOD I look around in admiration of those in the box……I am always chasing to be like them as they are my heros and they inspire me to chase greatness. I really enjoy the motivation of the coaches and how they inspire the vision, encourage the heart pre, during and post WOD- thanks

     We can’t do this interview without talking about your work (as a first responder). Can you tell us more about what you do?When I sadly separated from my wife I didn’t have much in terms of confidence and other items. The Piha community became a Whanau to me. In return I donate around 10-12 shifts a month to supporting those in need before the real ambulance arrive. Since Christmas I have been to 11 drownings, suicides, 21 motor vehicle accidents, 9 shoulder dislocations, I have put 12 people into the back of Westpac helicopter and lots more.

    I really hurt myself a while ago when I responded first before the team to a fall at the Piha falls. The pack and equipment is around 35kg and I got to the top of the falls from the car park in 12 mins (1.8kms). When I got to the top it was apparent the patient was down the falls so as luck would have it I found a rope, made a harness and abseiled down the falls with the gear. Sadly I couldn’t save the patient and the winch for the helicopter was 130 feet- to get extra support in. http://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/news/article.cfm?c_id=1&objectid=11625227

    I cant really fully explain what I do, other than I do try to help others- that was a hard day for me on the falls as it became apparent that patient could of been my son up there needing help and was 12 mins acceptable for me to get to the top? It does however raise the question- are we work ready as a ambulance service? Upon speaking to his family overseas it is evident loss of someone dear just sux

    What is a typical day of work for you then? Is there such a thing?There is no typical day format as such but during each month I could be in any part of NZ or in Australia. Most days commence at 6 ish and end after 1030 depending on what I am doing and the place of work- when I am training others I could be on helicopters, in MRI/ theatre rooms, Airbus A380, shortland street set, aircraft hangers, army bases and more. I try and go to other boxes if I can but they are not as good as our one.

    How has training at CFW helped you in your work?Some of the items we train with are full bodied manikins….adult men, pregnant woman etc and they could weight up to 90kg…..lifting these cases in and out of the car has become easier with taking on CF.

    Whilst working for St John in Piha CF has enabled me to be work ready- which could be anything from running on the beach, climbing up Lion rock with the pack or pulling people out of dangerous situations.

     Do you think you are getting better as you are getting older?I have found I have become more domesticated if that’s what you mean? In all seriousness …..yes but I am still watching my heros at the box and chasing the greatness they produce at every session.

     What/who motivates you at the box?My son ……. To the world I am one person but to one person I am the world.

    Favourite exercise?With the team at the box……..when we are doing deadlifts

    Least favourite?Hand stands and double unders ……

    Favourite workout music?I am happy when Kapz isn’t present cause I am over the Beyonce stuff she plays. At the moment it is ‘The Dubliners ….. Rocky Road to Dublin’

    If you could give one piece of advice to someone considering starting out at CFW, what would it be?
    Just do it, have fun chasing greatness, give it some time and enjoy watching changes in your body shape

     3 facts about me you may not know;

    1. I qualified as a registered sick children’s nurse and some years ago I opened and commission the sick children’s unit as Waitakere hospital.
    2. I am currently doing my MBA in Business.
    3. This year I came up with the idea for the first ever NZ CPR saves live walk/ Hikoi……. This was the first ever CPR walk to save lives in the Southern Hemisphere. http://www.nzherald.co.nz/northern-advocate/news/article.cfm?c_id=1503450&objectid=11665382


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