• Thursday 7th April

    A1: Push Press :6×3


    WOD: 2x 6 min AMRAP

    10x Shoulder to overhead (45/30)

    3x muscle ups


    3 min rest

    10x hang power clean (45/30)

    8x toes to bar

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  • Wednesday 6th April

    A1: Deadlifts: Intermediate: 3×5, Beginners: 5×3


    WOD: 4x rounds (3mins on/1 min rest)

    30/22 cal row or 400m run

    Max burpee box jumps (60/50)

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  • Tuesday 5th April

    Skill: Rope climb technique

    WOD: 4x rounds for time

    30x wall balls

    4x rope climbs

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  • Monday 4th April

    A1: Back Squats: 6×5


    WOD: 8min AMRAP

    10xPower Snatch (35/25)

    150m Sprint

    Rest 2 mins

    30x pull-ups for time

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  • Saturday 2nd April

    Rowing technique

    “Rowling” 3 rounds

    WOD: 30min EMOM

    1: Row 15/12 cals

    2: 150m run

    3: 10x burpee box jumps (24/20)

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  • Friday 1st April

    A1: Strict press: intermediate 5×3, beginners 5×5

    A2: Weighted glute hip bridges: 5×12 (20/10)

    Core: 6min EMOM

    1: 30 sec hollow hold

    2: 30 sec max strict toes to bar

    B. 5km run with med ball for Time (yeah right…)


    3min Pegion pose each side

    3min Floor Hamstring Banded Stretch each side

    3min Dragon pose each side (Watch from 00:30)



  • Thursday 31th March

    A1: Back Squat: 3×8

    A2: 8x double bent over rows

    WOD: 9 min AMRAP

    6x Power cleans (60/40)

    8x Front Squats (60/40)

    30x double unders


  • Wednesday 30th March

    Skill Session:HSPU

    EMOM 10 min

    1: 1-5 muscle ups

    2: 10x handstand push-ups

    WOD: for time

    400m run

    30x Handstand push ups

    400m run

    20x Handstand push ups

    400m run

    10x Handstand push ups


  • Tuesday 29th March

    A1: Front rack walking lunge, 4×12 (70/50)

    A2: Max effort strict pull-ups

    WOD: 6 rounds of rowing interval

    25/20 cal row


  • Friday 25th March

    Open wod 16.5

    21-18-15-12-9-6-3 reps for time of:

    2016 Open Standards

    2016 Open Standards

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