• September 18 2014

    Congrats to Alex Nicolson who smashed his PCT today, after almost 18 months of CrossFit!!

    He writes:  ”2yrs ago my PCT time was 2:18, this morning I got my fastest time ever since joining the police 12 yrs ago with a time of 1:56! Also receiving my first gold card for getting under 2mins. Stoked as bro!”

    A1 Strict k2e max x 3

    B1. Back squat Beg 3×5 int 5×5

    B2. Bench press beg 3×5 int 3×3

    C. max HSPU in 3 min (kipping or strict)


  • September 17 2014

    Everyone moving really well in their cleans today! Remember Olympic Lifting is on Friday at 6 pm with Coach Ianne Guinares. Work on technique in your Oly lifts!

    A.  power cleans (warm up for full clean)

    EMOM 7 minutes , 1 hang power clean (above knees) 2 power cleans (floor), increasing load with each round

    B. 4 Rounds Of:
    300m Run
    6 Hang Power Cleans (base load on part a)
    9 toes 2 b (scaled, v ups)

    12 min cap




  • September 16 2014

    As of  this Monday,  Sept 22dnd, we will have a 4:30 pm class every Monday.

    a1 pull-ups in the warm up max x3 scaled ring rows.


    beg; OHS 6×3

    int. One drop snatch One Hang Squat snatch  6×2

    b. CFHQ  (mod)

    Complete as many rounds as possible in 15 minutes of:
    KB squat snatches, 5 reps, left arm 20/12
    KB squat snatches, 5 reps, right arm
    50 double-unders



  • September 15 2014

    Skill: split jerks

    A. From the rack

    two front squat +1 jerk (split)  x3 *increase load

    one front squat +1 jerk, 1 x increase load from last set of 2FS, 1 @drop load 1 @1RM


    20 Burpees  Courtesy CF rockland
    30 Thrusters 35/20
    20 Burpees
    25 Thrusters 45/30
    20 Burpees
    20 Thrusters 52.5/35
    20 Burpees
    15 Thrusters 60/40
    20 Burpees
    10 Thrusters 70/45

    20 min time cap

    China - Polizeiausbildung


  • September 13 2014

    The wonderful people at Safari Biltong are making us a special order to go along with the Whole30 challenge- sugar free biltong! The order will be here next week, so get in quick. Those of you on the challenge get first dibs but we can always order more.

    Skill warm up: Emom 8 min box jumps/ t2b

    A.BB reverse TGU 5, 3,3,1,1,1 each arm

    B.18 min amrap CFHQ

    20 mb cleans
    400m run

    Competition Class (10:30 am only)

    800 m run warm up, 10 minutes of partner mobility and PNF

    A. Take 10 minutes to find your 1 rm hang clean.

    B. In teams of three, (performed in a relay, a, starts one movement, b can start theta movement when a is finished but cannot overtake, same for c)

    30-calorie row
    30 burpees
    30 hang cleans

    c. Team Rope Race 9 Reps 15′

    Max DUs while one person from team is climbing. One person jumping rope at a time. team of 3  each member has to go up rope x3 for time


  • September 12 2012

    A. weighted Chin ups x3 / scale ring rows


    EMOM 5 min 0:00

    1 squat clean + 15 dubs

    5;00 amrap 3 min

    5 pullups 5 burpees


    EMOM 5 min

    1 power snatch + 15 dubs

    C. 1x Weighted rope climbs- use Vests or weights w straps (scale no weight, part way from the floor to standing.)

    OLY class (6 pm ONLY)

    Amazing first class with Coach Ianne tonight, 17 of you turning up for a night of Snatch foundations, breakdown and skill.

    Snatch progressions

    OHS/ pressing snatch balance/drop snatch/dead hang/ Hang (from the knee)/from the floor, then add load, but work sub maximally..




  • September 11 2014

    Today we remember those who lost their lives in the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center on 9/11/2001. CFW does this WOD each year to commemorate my high school friend Gopal Varadhan, who started his new job at Contor Fitzgerald only weeks before. Lost that day was also Father Mychal Judge and Johnny “Hef” Heffernan of the Bullys, both members of the FDNY. May this be the worst day any of us ever have, I know it was for me. Thank you all for doing this WOD today.

    You can read about Gopal HERE

    Memorial WOD for 9/11, “Gopal”

    A1. Back squats beg 3×5 int 5×5

    A2.Bench Presses beg 3×5 int 3×3


    9 Thrusters 60/40

    11 HSPU

    20 Burpee box jump overs

    1 TGU 32/24

    2 rounds

    For time, time cap 12 min



  • September 10 2014

    Reminder, this Friday Olympic Lifting is moving to 6 pm and will now be coached by Commonwealth Games athlete, Ianne Guinares. You can read about Ianne here

    “Nukes” modified*


    run 1600 m  (scale 1200, 800 m)

    max push press 60/40


    1600 m run

    max power cleans  100/60


    1600 m run

    max OHS 60/40

    30 min cap

    For total reps


    U.S. Marine Corps Capt. Matthew “Nukes” Manoukian, 29, of Los Altos Hills, Calif., assigned to the 1st Marine Special Operations Battalion, based in Camp Pendleton, Calif., died Aug. 10, 2012, in Sangin District, Afghanistan, after being shot by an Afghan policeman. He is survived by his parents, Socrates Peter and Patricia Manoukian, and his brothers, Mike and Marty Manoukian.

  • September 9 2014

    Spring is in the air and the box is getting full, good on those of you who braved the cold days and mornings all winter- you are reaping the rewards now. We have several elements classes going on, with a full group who started tonight, so please help the new faces feel welcome when you see them!

    A.Max pull-ups x3  

    B. 5 rounds for time of: CFHQ
    Deadlifts, 10 reps 100/70
    20 wall-ball shots, 9/6

    12 min cap

    C. Max dubs in 3 min



  • September 8 2014

    Reminder, there is no 6:45 am class until further notice. If you aren’t getting emails from us, please let us know but check your spam! (We aren’t spam, are we?)

    For those of you on the nutrition challenge (and those of you peeking in) here’s the website for Whole 9, the company that started the Whole 30 program. Lots of great resources to be found;


    In warm up: Max strict HSPU x3 sets (scale rom- box,  height, down dog)

    A. back squats Beg 3×5 Int 3×10


    10am swings 32/24

    10 t2b

    200 m run

    3 x rounds for time 9 min cap


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