• September 6 2014

    Big Congrats to Flo who placed 3rd in the masters division at the FS Postal comp this morning, Tanya Hammond on her 2nd place , Cath Scully on her 5th place and Tania Churches (first comp!!) on her 8th place in the NZ Masters scaled div today!

    Comp class is back on as usual next Saturday at 10:30 am.

    A1. Take 15 min to find 1 rm back squat

    A2. Take 3 min to find max strict pull-ups (one set) unbroken, chin over bar- NO KIP. Scale with band if no pull-ups and note colour of band

    B. “Baseline” Note modality of pushups (knees?), pull-ups and time finished.

    row 500

    40 air squats

    30 situps

    20 pushups hr

    10 pullups

    400 m run


  • September 5 2014

    REMINDER- there is NO COMP CLASS tomorrow. Get out and support Tanya, Tania and Cath as they compete at the NZ Masters at CF Dynamite in Onehunga 20 George Terrace Onehunga

    Max strict t2b in warm up…

    A.15 min EMOM
    1 Power Snatch
    1 Overhead Squat
    1 Hang Power Snatch
    1 Overhead Squat
    Keep weight light – focus on technique!

    B.Amrap 10 min

    7 kb thrusters 20/12 (both hands)

    35 dubs

    Oly class (5:30 pm only)

    A.Squat Clean  3,2,2,2,1,1,1,1 max out

    B. Death by Cleans @ 70% of




  • September 4 2014

    WHOLE30 Nutrition challenge starts tomorrow, Friday at 6:15 pm. Come to the kick off and do your baseline WOD at any of the regular morning sessions this Saturday. 

    New beginnings: CONGRATS to Blackie and family who welcomed their son to the world this morning!  Our new Oly Coach, Ianne Guinares joins the CFW coaching team next Friday, Sept 12 when Oly class moves to 6 pm.

    Happy Endings: Haere ra to Coach Devon who is finishing his time with us this week. We wish him all the best and have a good bye WOD planned for Saturday, Sept 27th.  Time TBD.

    A. beg back squat 3×5 int front squat 3 x8

    B. In pairs, alt movements: courtesy AMRAP Fitness

    1x log carry on shoulder 20 m (10 out, 10 back)** will show you the pick up tech

    10 x weighted pushups (can be on knees, but add weight if poss)partner adds plate

    20 x burpees (can alternate as needed, but must do 20 each)

    x5 (scale number of burpees, weight etc)

    35 min cap

    Meanwhile, in Russia:


  • September 3 2014

    BRING A MATE DAY! Thank you to everyone who brought a guest today!

    A. weighted pistols

    5,3,3,1,1,1 each leg

    guests : skill: russian swings while class does above strength session

    B. 30, 20, 15, 10, 5 wall balls, russian swings 32/24 100 m run bet rounds

    scale, if needed half reps per round for guests.

    15 min cap (generous)


  • September 2 2014


    A.deadlifts beg 1×5 int 5×5 rm

    B. not for time but for load

    10 rounds of:  cfhq
    3 weighted pull-ups,  (Scale with band across rig)
    5 strict pull-ups (scale w band or ring row)
    7 kipping pull-ups (scale just the kip or jumping pull-ups)


  • September 1 2014

    Great day for a row- indoors. It might not actually be Spring, but its coming. Wednedsay is Bring a mate day where guests are welcome at all open sessions!

    Whole30 Nutrition Challenge kicks off this Friday at 6:15 pm, get your name on the sheet if you are joining us in this challenge (and we hope you do) as we need to know numbers- more info not he night!

    A1&2 beg back squats 3×5 press 3×5

    int back squats 3×10 press 3×3

    * Strict presses between sets from the ground

    B.Row tech

    3 rounds for time of: (in trios)
    Row 400 meters
    Rest 3 minutes

    For consistent time in each set




  • August 30 2014

    Big teary WOD for Gabz today, Coach G included! We couldn’t put your “Froning” rower in your suitcase but hope you find one down in Palmy.

    Hero WOD Saturday


    50 Pull Ups

    400m Run

    21 Thrusters (43/30)

    800m Run

    21 Thrusters

    400m Run

    50 Pull Ups

    Comp Class (10:30 only)

    Wod 1:1 work:rest

    1 250 m row/10 thrusters/me pull-ups

    2 2x 5 pullups /10 push ups/15 squats /me c&j

    3 20 burpees /me OHS

    4 12 squat cleans/me hspu

    5 me wall balls

    6 25 am swings 24/16/me t2b

    7 15 front squats/me mu

    8 50 air squats/me s2o

    9 me box jumps (20/16)

    10 me deadlifts



  • August 29, 2014

    Haere Ra to Gabz tomorrow who’s last WOD at CFW will be at 8 am (come along and send her off)! Her years of hard work has paid off and she is off to full fill her dreams with the NZ Army in Palmerston North. Thank you Gabz for all you do for NZ, the Auckland sports community and for the box. We will miss you!!


    15 mins to establish a max 3 Position Squat Clean (Floor – Hang – Power Position – do not drop bar) + 1 Jerk (after Clean complex)


    6 Rounds of:

    5 Clean & Jerk (60/40)

    5 Burpees over the Bar

    Rest 1:00 between Rounds




  • August 28 2014

    CrossFit Waitakere School Holiday program for Kids and Teens is here this next break!! See Coach Amy for more details, you’ve all gotten an email as well.

    If you are doing the pound for pound postal comp, please read the rules on their site, http://nzpound4pound.com.

    A. Take 15 Minutes to Establish a 3 Position Squat Snatch (Hang – Below Knee – Floor)


    B1 Back Squats

    Beg – 6 x 3

    B2. Overhead Squats

    Int – 6 x 2

    B3. Strict Press

    Beg – 3 x 5

    Int – 5 x 1

    C, Met con

    50 AM Swings for Time (24/16)



  • August 27 2014


    HSPU kipping progressions…


    22 Min AMRAP of

    4 HSPU

    100m Run

    8 Pull Ups

    100m Run

    12 HR Push Ups

    100m Run

    16 Air Squats

    100m Run

    20 Sit Ups

    100m Run


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