Meet The Team

Genice Paullay-Beazley

Coach/ Olympic Weightlifting Coach

I am a born and bred New Yorker who lived on 4 continents before settling in Aotearoa. I spent over 26 years body-building, running and teaching aerobics before trying CrossFit in 2010 and I became hooked on a fitness regime that focused on ability rather than aesthetics. I am a competitive Weightlifter who also loves watching the greatest game on earth- Baseball (Lets Go Mets!)! I can sing three national anthems in three different languages.

Favorite exercise: The Clean


CrossFit Level 2 Trainer
CrossFit Level 1 Trainer
CrossFit Gymnastics
CrossFit Olympic Lifting
CrossFit Gymnastics
CrossFit Football
CrossFit Powerlift
CrossFit Strongman
Agatsu Level 1 Kettlebell Certified
Carl Paoli Freestyle Movement
Coaching Olympic Lifts Level 1 OWNZ
Coaching Olympic Lifts Level 2 FSO
Level 3 Exercise Consultant NetFit, NZQA (FISAF)
Level 3 Exercise Consultant NZ Institute of Health and Fitness NZQA
Outlaw CrossFit Science and Precision 2015
Post Grad Exercise Physiology, AUT
20 New Zealand Masters Records, Olympic Weightlifting NZ
BA, Barnard College, Columbia University, NY, NY USA

Kapua Togo

Asst Coach Coach CrossFit Kids/Teens Head Coach

I was introduced to CrossFit in February 2011, and after my first WOD consisting of a 20min AMRAP of push ups, squats and sit ups I was instantly hooked and have never looked back! I love this sport with a passion and it’s this passion that has driven me to develop my individual skill and transfer this knowledge in a teaching environment. I have been actively involved in sport since childhood and represented the Bay of Plenty in netball at College level.


CrossFit Level 2 Trainer 2017
CrossFit Level 1 Trainer 2012
CrossFit Gymnastics
CrossFit Kids
CrossFit Powerlift
Coaching Olympic Lifts Level 1 NetFit
BOP Polytechnic Certificate in Sport & Leisure 1994

Kurt Wood

Asst Coach, Blast Off! Coach, Competition Coach

I started at CrossFit Waitakere as member at the start of 2015 after a few months of Olympic weightlifting and have never looked back since. CrossFit has given me strength physically and mentally over the years and it is my goal as a coach to help guide members on their own journey through fitness. Whether it’s preparing people for CrossFit competitions or helping them achieve their first pull-up, it’s a privilege to be part of the journey for all of our members on a daily basis.


Fitness Instructor Certificate, AUT
CrossFit Level One
Carl Paoli Freestyle Movement

Florence Alesana

Olympic WeightLifting Coach

I am a born and bred Westie (West Auckland)! I enjoyed playing sports whilst in high school. In my young adult years I did a little of bit of this sport and little bit of that sport, and a revolving “global-gym-goer”.I was introduced to CFW and started elements in July 2012. About 2013 I saw the light and converted to Olympic weightlifting. Since then I continued to train and actively compete in weightlifting. I also volunteer as a technical official both local and national competitions. Since June 2018, I have had the privilege and enjoy coaching Olympic weightlifting classes, catering for all levels of ability.


Bachelor of Nursing
Coaching Olympic lifts Level 1, Strength HQ
Coaching Olympic lifts Level 1 FSO
National Level 1 referee, OWNZ
Olympic Weightlifting NZ Masters Records

Briar Hocking

Asst Coach

I was introduced to the world of CrossFit in April 2013. I fell in love almost instantly!! Since then, I have been addicted to the ever-changing workouts and challenges thrown my way. The mental and physical challenge that CrossFit demands is like no other training regime I had tried before. After living above the gym for almost a year as just a member, I realised that I was curious about the world of coaching. I completed by Level 1, and am now a part time coach at the box. I love watching people make transitions, and strive to become better at skills and movements, whilst smashing their goals along the way!


CrossFit Level 1
Coaching Olympic Weightlifting LVL1 Netfit
Bachelor of Consumer and Applied Science (University of Otago)
Master of Business (University of Otago)

Shani Postema

Asst Coach, Massage Therapist

I was born and raised in South Africa and moved to New Zealand when I was 16 and now call myself ‘Kiwi’. After a few years of travelling I came back to NZ and graduated from the New Zealand College of Massage in 2011. I then went on to set up my Sports Massage business and I kept getting CrossFit clients which led me to go and try out a class to get a better understanding of the sport.

My first class was in 2013 and I fell in love straight away and haven’t looked back. I now coach part time and thoroughly enjoy seeing people progress, achieve their goals and surprise themselves with what they can do. I’ve always been involved in sport; hockey, running, rowing, swimming to name a few, but Crossfit has always kept me interested, challenged and looking forward to each training session.

I have worked, and currently work massaging alongside many sporting teams and individuals including the All Blacks, the Blues, the Gold Coast Titans, Ironman athletes, Rugby World Cup teams, the Black Ferns and with many community sporting events around the North Island.


Personal Training Diploma AUT
Fitness Instructor Cert, AUT
BSC Health Science,
Massage and Neuromuscular Therapy, NZ College of Massage
CrossFit Level 1

Cath Dunphy

Asst Coach

Kia ora koutou , I have been with Crossfit Waitakere as a member since it opened and have been coaching for the past two and a bit years. I was a competitive swimmer when I was younger and played every sport that was going such as touch, netball, basketball – did bootcamps and a range of other things.

I remember being very anxious about trying CrossFit because I didn’t feel like I was fit enough. Turns out I sucked, however having found the courage to turn up and give it a go and still living to tell the tale, I was and still am hooked. I enjoy coaching and especially watching people challenge themselves and having personal transformations, whether it is in the mind, body or spirit.


Bachelor of Physical Education (Otago)
Bachelor of Arts (UoA)
PGDipEducation (UoA)
CrossFit Level 1
Coaching Olympic Weightlifting LVL1 Netfit

Paddy Compter

Asst Coach

I tried CrossFit for the first time back in 2013 and have loved being part of this community ever since. It has allowed me to do things physically and mentally that I didn’t think I could ever do. The members at CrossFit Waitakere inspire me to do the best I can in my coaching and I am grateful to see their progress through their own journeys in CrossFit and life.

My sporting background is mostly in hockey, where I have represented various regions through the age groups and now in masters grades. I have also proudly represented NZ playing for the 35s Master Hockey Team a few years back. Aside from CrossFit and hockey I also practice kung fu with my kids and am currently working towards my blue belt.

I coach our daughters hockey team and love supporting both of our kids in their respective sports.


CrossFit Level One
BA Communications Studies, AUT.

Lesley Ngongo

Asst Coach CrossFit Kids and Teens Coach

I’m a full time rehab trainer at Unitec Sports Centre, where I train clients with parkinsons, dementia, Cerebral palsy, special needs and the elderly on a one on one, full time basis. Twelve years on, I still enjoy it.
My sporting career was as an Olympic Weightlifter for 8years. The high lights from this was winning my weight class in 2009 NZ nationals for the under 63kgW category.I then went on to try long distance running and loved it, but the combination of both Olympic weightlifting and long distance running was not a good one. So in 2013 I was invited to attend a CrossFit session, and found the programming had a good balance of strength, cardio and mobility.

In 2014 I decided to retire from Olympic weightllifting, sticking with running and CrossFit and I’m still going! Join me for our weekly fun runs on Sundays before Yoga.


BSC Sport
Category 1 national referee (Olympic weightlifting)

Mattaes Chapman

Asst Coach

I love to move, but have never excelled at one thing, never the fastest, strongest or most skilled at whatever sport or activity I have tried. I was searching for training regimen where I could express and improve as many physical qualities possible at once and be a generalist. So, when I found CrossFit I was hooked first with the idea, that it is possible, as it redefined what it meant to me to be “fit”.

I started training by myself at first, but motivation through healthy competition and equipment were lacking. Joining CrossFit Waitakere in 2014 I became part of a community, surrounding myself with people who want to better themselves, who push themselves and have fun while doing it. To me CrossFit training is about challenging yourself mentally, progressing yourself physically and most importantly socialising with others who have the same interests- after picking yourself up off the floor and left a sweat angel.

I love to coach, motivate and help people own their bodies to reach whatever physical aim they desire, I have benefited greatly from CrossFit and I enjoy assisting CFW members’ own fitness journeys by making class fun, engaging and as informative as I can.


BSR Sport and Exercise Science, AUT.
CrossFit Level 1

Ehsan Bayati

Olympic Weightlifting Coach

Ehsan Bayati was born and raised in Abadan, Iran and has been weightlifting for 38 years since he was 11 years old. His best records are from the now retired u60 kg weight category with a125kg snatch, 152.5 kg Clean & Jerk and best Total of 275 kgs. He has won a total of 72 medals from 1984 till 2017. Ehsan came to New Zealand for the 2017 Master Games where he took gold in his age (45-49) and weight division (u69) in 2017 and has resettled here.
He has successfully done an international coaching weightlifting certification from 2004 through to 2008 and has coached many national and international athletes for the Iranian Federation including the 2016 gold medalist Sohrab Moradi in Doha.
We are very fortunate to have him at Waitakere Olympic Weightlifting where he is currently available for private coaching.


National Youth champion at age of 16, 17 & 18
National Senior champion at age of 18
National Army champion at age of 19,20 & 21
He is a 15 time first place, 2x second place and 2x third place at Iranian Senior Nationals.
He broke the Masters Clean & Jerk world record of 136 kg on 2015 at the age of 45 and won World Masters Champion Gold medals in 2008, 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016.

Kristian Paullay-Beazley

Asst Coach, Tukua Assisted Stretching

Ngapuhi Toa, Coach “K” has a background in yoga, mountain biking, swimming and Rugby. An avid surfer and never a gym goer, he was duped into trying CrossFit by his wife in 2011 and was immediately hooked. A rigger by day, he can often be seen at the top of the ropes or doing butterfly pullups from the roof truss.

Favorite exercise: Burpees
Least Favorite: Running


CrossFit Level 1 Trainer
HangStrong BlindChange and FalseGrip Workshops
Coaching Olympic Lifts Level 1 NetFit
Ido Portal Movement Camp
Carl Paoli Freestyle Movement
Bachelor of the Arts, Auckland University

Leichelle Tanoa

Yoga Instructor

I have been doing yoga for over 25 years and CrossFit for the past 7 years.
You don’t need to be flexible to do CFW Yoga/Mobility but giving the body a chance to recover & realign through stretching is going to help with flexibility.
Elongating and creating more elasticity in our muscles will make them feel better, improve performance in CrossFit and is important in preventing injury.
So after a week of WOD’s, come join us on a Sunday for a ‘happy hour’ of Yoga and mobility -your body will thank you!


I am a trained teacher & performed with several dance/drama/physical theatre companies. (*TAIAO/MAU DANCE THEATRE)

Frikke Delport

Asst Coach, Gymnastics Coach

My name is Frikkie and I’m the bearded guy that’s always covered in chalk and either walking on my hands, upside down, swinging off something or a combination of all the aforementioned 🙂
From a very young age I have been a bit of a monkey, leading my parents to putting me into a gymnastics programme. I loved every second and spent from age 4 through to 26 within the sport of artistic gymnastics. Gymnastics has taught me a huge amount about myself and what the human body is truly capable of, and through my development as an athlete, coach and academic I have become passionate about helping others experience as much of what movement has to offer them as possible.

I have spent a number of years studying movement and its implications for the human body through my Bachelor’s Degree and Postgraduate Diploma in Sport and Exercise Science with my main academic and career interests being in strength and conditioning, rehabilitation/injury prevention and biomechanics.
I have for a long time been drawn to CrossFit because of its awesome methodology and philosophy, and the fact that it is for everyone! There is always something to look forward to and achieve, whether that is your first pull up, double under, or handstand or even learning one of the Olympic lifts! The variety makes it very well rounded and when done correctly hugely benefits its members and surrounding community.


Senior Int’l NZ representative, Texas USA 2015
NZ National Gymnastics Champion, 2016
Gymnastics NZ Junior Judge
Federation Intl Gymnastics Level 2 Senior Coach
Bsc Sport and Exercise Science, Wintec
Post Grad Dip, Sport and Exercise, AUT