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Contact us to arrange a time to come in. meet with us or try one of our 30 minute classes for FREE!

Beginner classes are an essential foundation to our CrossFit Program where you work with a Coach to learn skills and proper techniques. You will be introduced to the basic movements and methodology of CrossFit while we learn about your individual needs. This mandatory training reduces the risk of injury and allows everyone to learn the proper movements safely and effectively so you get the most out of your workouts.

Choose from one of two beginner options. We can help determine which is the right path for you.

No prior experience? Been a while since you last exercised? Start with Option 1. Have sport and fitness experience, jump in with Option 2.

OPTION 1: Waitakere Fit 30

Our Waitakere Fit30 LINK classes are 30 minute sessions designed to help you move, look and feel your best!  Our 30 minute class program is also our gradual, 4 week introduction to CrosFit. This allows you to build your fitness and make new habits while we learn how we can best help you. When you are ready, then its time for Option 2:

OPTION 2: CrossFit Beginners

This 3 x 1 hour class series (1-2 classes upon completion of option1) is included in the first month of CrossFit membership. Work with a Coach one on one or in a limited small group where you are introduced to more complex CrossFit movements.


Beginner programs

WaitakereFit 30: 

  • 140 $ for 4 weeks of unlimited classes (can continue on a 4 weekly basis for as long as you wish)

CrossFit for Beginners:

  • 59$ per week for 4 weeks includes your 3 Scheduled Beginner Sessions


CrossFit -*Unlimited Sessions = $59 weekly

*The following are eligible for a discount for CrossFit memberships:

  • Fire, Police, EMS, Active Military or Reserve, Surf Rescue, Military Veterans, Full Time Tertiary Students, Teacher, Shift Nurses ….. 10%
  • Pensioners (65 +)… 50%
  • All Fees are inclusive of GST

We welcome CrossFitters from out of town. Please contact us before you come in. Just another great thing to do while visiting New Zealand, so come CrossFit with us in West Auckland! Our drop in fee is 25$ or you can purchase some gear instead!


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