Waitakere Fit30

Waitakere Fit30 is our 30 minute express class that runs 4 times per week.

In this programme, we use functional movements designed to help you move, look and feel your best!

All of our classes are run by qualified Coaches and are programmed to keep you improving continuously in all areas of your fitness and without limitations! Unlike our one hour  CrossFit classes, Waitakere Fit30 is an express session that focuses on your conditioning using basic functional movements and high intensity exercises. Like our main programme, no two classes are ever the same!

Class times: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday @ 7:30pm

Price: $150 for 5 weeks

Try your first class for free, bookings are essential.

For more information email us at Blastoffwaitakere@gmail.com 

Or call 0211723977