Athlete of the Month and 2014 Reflections

PADDY COMPTER! Here is her annual reflection and well deserved post. Thank you Paddy for interviewing and writing this blog for the past year! -The Coaches

Yes, I know the December Member of the Month is long overdue, and it’s now January. Shoot. But December is kind of a special month for me as it marks my anniversary of starting up at the box. So I am nominating myself.

I wrote about my first 12 months at Crossfit Waitakere last year. And I have just been back to read it again… some things change (I really quite ‘like’ thrusters, dubs and HSPU’s now), some things stay the same (I still suck at snatches and pull-ups).

These are my reflections on 2014 – two years into my crossfit journey….

This year has been less about wanting to be super good at everything now and more about learning what I can, when I can. And being grateful for that. Getting to the box on a regular basis has been my greatest challenge this last 12 months. Little people, an erratic and full-on work schedule and the usual life juggle of keeping afloat. Exercising 5 x times a week is simply not possible. So I have had some highs and lows this year, got some ‘gainz’ as the young people say and then lost some. Comme ci, comme sa. Always plenty to work on still.

For those of you that know me at CFW, you probably know my kids, Erica (8) and Calan (5). They come to the box quite a bit and hang out. It’s the only way I can make it work and make it in some days. Lucky for me (and many other members) I chanced upon what has to be the most family friendly box there is. This supportive atmosphere is a deal breaker. And as they have gotten older having my kids with me has become easier and easier. There have been a few close calls as they ventured places they shouldn’t (behind people squatting for starters), a few bruises and bumps as they fell off various rings/ropes/bands and heaps of laughs. They love getting involved and tagging along on warm up runs or during stretches. It is good for them and good for me.

I have loved getting to know the crew at CFW a bit better, such a good bunch of folks all mashed up together, from all walks of life. Lots of laughs, lots of shared pain, lots of awesome achievements by so many. Doing these profiles has allowed me to be a little bit nosy and ask personal questions on behalf of everyone else. But sometimes the casual conversation over the squat rack tells you just as much, if not more. I take inspiration and learning in these encounters. So thanks for that. If nothing else, what a great equaliser burpees are. Doesn’t matter where you came from…. they still suck.

I have been on the receiving end of a huge amount generosity this year (borrowed cars for moving furniture, a new weight belt and tights, hand-me-down kids shoes/clothes, delicious loaves of paleo bread and the epic removal of a few tonnes worth of rubbish from our property to name but a few). Hopefully I have repaid some of this in kind. That sense of community is real and meaningful and I am sure I’m not the only one that loves this aspect of being a member of the box.

I still miss Gabz. Can’t believe she moved to Palmerston North of all places. Enough said. Those of you that know her will understand what I am talking about. Geez Gabz.

I have been in a few comps this year and that has been a huge learning curve. Sometimes on the competition day I wondered what the hell I was doing. A sucker for punishment and stress? Did I need this in my life? And then there were moments of clarity, camaraderie and pride in the achievement of completing something new, something I thought I couldn’t do and of working together in a team for a common goal. Great feeling, pretty much always in retrospect, I might add.

Here are my top five recommendations for being an ‘elite’ crossfit athlete. Not that I would know but I figure if you can master these simple steps you will be awesome:

1. Control your nerves

2. Enjoy yourself

3. Back yourself

4. Listen to your coaches. No, really listen.

5. Tie up your shoelaces TIGHT and don’t wear your tights inside out

The Fitness League was a great case in point (just finished). I picked up lots of tricks and tips from my fellow team members and the CFW crew as the weeks progressed. More importantly, there was so much support from the coaches, the team and fellow members of the box. Wow. We were so lucky. I did okay in some things and kind of sucked at others but you can only do your best.

One last thing that I have been thinking about it how this place is such a breeding ground for good habits. It is infectious. From the coaches through the members, to their families and friends and children. Watching people do the Whole 30 challenge and inspiring those around them was so cool. It is like a ripple effect.

Exercise for me is a combination of mental relief, my personal time and physical pleasure/pain. Also, I don’t like to admit it, but I am pretty competitive so there is that as well. But actually, and most importantly, it is about being a good role model for my kids. Eating well, regular exercise, lots of missions out and about in nature. Erica said to me the other day as we were shifting things around the house, “Mum, you’re strong eh? Because some mum’s couldn’t lift that box but you can.” Can’t argue with that. See you again in 12 months.




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