May 21 2015

HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHER, 69 years young and still going strong!

Tomorrow is the last day for Tshirt/hoodie/singlet orders! Get your order up by end of day tomorrow please!

Skill emom;

Odd; 10 arch rocks even: 30 sec L hang from pull-up bar (scale knees up)

A1. bench Beg 3×5 Int 5,3,1,1,1
A2. GHD situps bet sets 7-10

10 rounds of: FOR REPS
30 seconds of box jumps 24/20
Rest 30 seconds
30 seconds thrusters 35/25
Rest 30 seconds

Oly Class with Coach Ianne (6:30 pm only)
Split jerk
Clean complex:
1ak+1 floor
Snatch from above knee



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