April 10 2014

There are a few spots left for our first Oly club April 27th at 1 pm with the fabulous brothers Guinaraes. Speak to the coaches. Congrats Mihi and Kui for getting up that rope today! One more skill for you guys to practice at open gym on Thurs am. You can come anytime between 5:45 and 8 am.

Skill: Rope climbs

WOD: Courtesy CF Managua (modified)

30 wall balls 10/6

25 pushups HR

20 Squat cleans 45/30

15 k2e

1 rope climb

2 Rounds For time 20 min cap

Check out Master Paoli’s video for the technique we worked today. I like to us amy dominant leg to push, so do what works for you…





  • Cath — April 10, 2013

    16.50 and a classy rope burn!

  • Mihi — April 10, 2013

    17.30, 6kg ball, 25kg bar

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