April 13 2015

Happy Birthday Amber N…. you wont get out of burpees that easily…

Connectivity for hs Courtesy The Outlaw Way

4×0:20 Box Handstand Hamstring Stretch, at this point you should begin trying to walk your hands closer and closer to the box until you feel a stretch in your shoulders and hamstrings. see me for explanation..

Static Shaping:
3x Maximum Effort L- Sit (use parallettes or scale on boxes wknees bent)

Handstand Work
3×12 Handstand Straight Arm Hip Taps DEMO facing wall

A1. Bs beg 3×5 Int 5×5 * Pause for 1 second at the bottom of the reps
A2. bet sets 5-7 ghd sit ups

B. For time: cf merrick

50x Double unders
10x Handstand push-ups
40x Double unders
8x Handstand push-ups
30x Double unders
6x Handstand push-ups
20x Double unders
4x Handstand push-ups
10x Double unders
2x Handstand push-ups

10 min cap



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