April 24 2015

ANZAC hours: Saturday 8&9 am open class only 9 am Free Trial! Sunday/Monday CLOSED

30 sec box stretch x3 (in pairs to share boxes)
40 sec on, 40 sec off x2 tight arch hollow body

then: 3×6 kipping pullups/butterfly
A1.chin up complex : 5 rounds of:

5 seconds at top 5 seconds at 90 deg arm bend then 3 chin ups-Scale asst w a partner

warm up for full snatch…

B1. Snatch complex Emom 8 min:

Power Snatch (Floor), Power Snatch (Above The Knee), Hang Snatch (full)

B2. snatch pulls start at 5 kg over last full snatch 5×3



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