April 3 2013

Let us know if you are coming to this Friday, 5:15 pm enduro WOD training. I will have them almost weekly until May 12th when the 6 km Obstacle course is on. I need numbers or we won’t run these sessions. Minimum 5-6 people, you don’t have to be reg-oed for the race to come. The stick around for some mobility at 6 pm with Leichelle…

Take 10 minutes to find your one RM max height box jump


30 Fronts Squats 3/4 bodyweight

800 meter run

30 pushups HR

500 meter run

30 walking lunges

800 meter run

For time

Which body is just BETTER:



  • Alex — April 3, 2013

    108cm box jump.

    WOD: 20:19 (60kg)

  • Cath — April 3, 2013

    76cm and WOD 11.44 (35kg) – not quite 3/4

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