April 5th 2013

Please let us now if you are coming to the running/enduro wods on Friday at 5:15, we need numbers or we wont run  the sessions-literally. Amber was on her own and still did it like a boss…

GOGOGO Gabz this weekend, Captain GG is off to walk 100KM’s for Oxfam this weekend, just imagine Froning at the finish line with a box of chocolates lady.

Last WOD of the Open tomorrow, bring on 13.5….

A  few Pb’s today and some great technique coming out, FAST- FASTER- FASTEST!

WOD: starting at 60% of your 1RM Clean

1 lift off

1 heavy pull

1 full Clean

EMOM 10 minutes, adding weight to each round.

THE MAN, Kendrick Farris:



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