April 8 2013

Saturday we will do CrossFit Total, finding your one rep max for Deadlift, back squat and strict press then totaling your score. Its a great benchmark and for those of you who did it before Christmas, you can mark your progress. If you cannot make it Saturday, we can arrange for another day. Let us know…

BRRRR, dress warm morning people, winter was here today!!


Back squat 5-5-5

strict press 5-5-5

WOD: Courtesy CF Merrick

 From the crazy mind of Cliff Brown, our CF Coach and friend in Merrick NY, USA. 

15 Front Squats 52.5/35

25 American swings 24/16

30 abmat situps

3 rounds for time




  • Cath — April 8, 2013

    8.55 30kgs

  • Carlie — April 8, 2013

    9.20 RXD

  • Paddy — April 8, 2013

    10.29 30kgs, then RXD last 2 rounds

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