April 9 2014

A.Skills Warmup;

EMOM 8 minutes

Minute 1 4-8 K2E

Minute One legged Box jumps 4-8 each leg

B. “Flight Simulator” Courtesy GWOD

(compare to Nov 23 2012)

Unbroken sets of Double unders, if you fail, start that set again


Scale, shorter pyramid of attempts. Those who cant jump, rowing intervals

For Time, 30 minute cap

CARL PAOLI getting it done:

CrossfIt in West Auckland


  • Paddy — April 9, 2014

    I’m only writing this in the hope that I will do better next time. Got to 50, failed on 45 on the way down about ten times. Calves are rooted now.

  • Seamus — April 11, 2014


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