August 2 2013

Join us tomorrow and get your “Grace” time in the bag. Heats start at  8 am and are every 20 minutes. 10$ goes to Auckland RSA and first time CrossFitters are free with a beginners WOD to suit anyone ready to give it a go!

Next Friday starts our first 5:30 pm session of Oly club, so come get your lifts on…

Skill: Pistol Squat progressions.


50 double unders

21 box jumps 24″/20″

12 D/L @ 60% of 1 rm

3 rounds for time


  • Paddy — August 2, 2013

    8 or 9:30. Oops didn’t write it down.
    60kgs DL, and cycle instead of dubs.

  • Cath — August 2, 2013

    8.17? 40kg, one pistol squat with a weight

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