August 30 2013

After a quite Thursday we were full house today with 17 of you coming to Oly club! If you are signed up for the swim wod on Sunday the 8th, please confirm your spot as we have reserved lanes at West Wave.

Open class:

Power Cleans 5×3


10 strict pullups

5 hang power clean to push press 60/40

10 burpees

rest 60 seconds

x5 For time


Burgener Warmup with BB for the clean

a.Power Clean 6×2

b. 3 front squat +1 split jerk x5

WOD: Courtesy Zealous CF “The Kumite Killer”

3 Clusters 40/25

3 bar facing burpees

6 Clusters 40/25

6 bar facing burpees

continue the l+3 ladder for a 7 min AMRAP

If you hate hook grip- learn to love it. You will not lift heavy or efficiently without it.


  • Paddy — August 30, 2013

    16:02 @ 35kgs with purple band and then purple/black combo as my arms gave out.

  • Cath — August 30, 2013

    15.39 black band for 3/4 and then purple. DL and push ups

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