August 5 2013

This Friday is our first 5:30 Pm Oly class. Next week starts 5:30 pm 5 days a week!

Gymnastics club, Saturday the 17th this month is full, but put your name down for the wait list if you are keen.


Back squats:

beginners 3×5 int 5×1

Strict Press

beginners 3×5 int 5×5

WOD: Courtesy “GWOD”


30 Pistols

40 pullups

50 air squats

For more GWOD workouts, click on the Gymnastics WOD button to the right. You can also download their app.



  • Paddy — August 6, 2013

    81kg BS
    9:33, scaled HSPU and holding onto the rig for pistols!

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