December 12 2014

Tomorrow we host the NZFL Finals for the central Auckland region! Our Team, Waitakere Toa take on Team Rapid at 12 pm sharp!! Come and support, cheer (and help!) and get us to the top of the leaderboard in this winner takes all final! There will be a bbq afterward so bring something for that grill or a salad. Hayley will be selling yummy paleo treats!

Mobility Drill…

A1. Partner pull up drill

skill :T2B progressions. (hollow/arch holds, rocks, v-ups, bar taps, t2b or t2rings)

Burgener warm up for snatch- emphasise getting under the bar, add a full snatch as last movement, but in p.snatch get them from standing up from the recieve too soon

B. Courtesy CFHQ

21-15-9 reps for time of:
55/35 overhead squats

8 min cap

Oly class (6pm only)

Power cleans +fs +pj+sj

2 snatch ak+1floor+1ohs

snatch lift offs to mid thigh



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