December 16 2013

REMINDERS; Our Christmas party is this Sunday at 6 pm! It is conveniently scheduled the day after our re assessment for our current challenge! Yes, it has been almost 6 weeks. Bring your stats from the last testing day-there are prizes to be won!

Please deposit your shirt and sock money this week….

A. Skills Warmup in pairs -10 min emom

odd: 10 wall balls

even 30 dubs /30 sec dub attempts

B. Strength in pairs emom 10 min

odd: 5 Fronts squats (from ground or racks)

even: 5 strict press (from the ground)

C. Courtesy CFNZ

400 meter run (scale 200)

10 thrusters

3 min rest


When you complain its hot and you don’t want to train, think of those who serve in all weather:



  • Paddy — December 17, 2013

    55 F/S, 32.5 Strict Press

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