December 19 2012

Lucky NZ, you get Christmas during bathing suit (ok, TOGS) weather. So don’t use the holiday as a reason to slack. Lots of PB’s getting smashed this week and with our Paleo challenge coming to an end this Saturday, some of you have earned a big treat next week. We will have more challenges in the New Year so think about some goals for 2013!

Strength: O/H Squats

warm up w BB 3×5 then:

5,5 5-5-5


10, 8, 6, 4, 2


Power Cleans 50/35


Double unders (scale 1/2 number for Dub attempts)

For Time, 15 min time cap


  • K — December 19, 2012

    6.27 rx

  • Mike — December 19, 2012

    First WOD in nearly 2weeks…. 8.21 rxd

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