December 20 2013

Retest tomorrow! Bring your stats from your baseline strength, conditioning and measurements please- there are prizes to be won! Six weeks goes quickly…

Happy Birthday and Uni Graduation to our intern Coach Amy! You will see her training our youngest members next term in CrossFit Kids! Happy 21st, today is for you…

10 min Amrap

7 Power clean

200 meter run

25 dubs

3 min rest

10 min Amrap

5 S2O

7 T2B

12 KB snatch 24/16

3 min rest

10 min Amrap

10 burpees

5 Strict Pullups (scaled with band)

300 meter run

For total rounds/reps

OLY (5:30 PM)

Last Oly of 2013!

Snatch build to 85-90% 1 rm

Clean and Jerk build to 85-90% 1 rm




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