December 21 2013

6 weeks has FLOWN by and a lot of you made the most of it- PB’s all around today and a few good centimeters being left at the door! We will announce the winners as soon as we total up all the results. If you need to retest monday, let us know and you can do it during classes. Also be sure to get your measurements taken before we leave for break…

A1. Take 15 min to find your 1RM deadlift or Back squat

A2. Take 10 min to find your 1RM strict press (cleaned from the ground)

B. “Baseline”

400 meter run

40 air squats

30 situps

20 hr pushups

10 Box jumps (or pull-ups)

For time



  • Paddy — December 22, 2013

    110 DL, 42.2 SP. 4:42 baseline 20″ inch box, full HR press ups.

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