December 24 2012

Awesome turn out for Chook’s last WOD, 27 of us today! We will miss your piss taking and wish you well in Ozz. Don’t get lazy just because you get a gun, we look forward to hearing about your progress in the Gold Coast.

Have a happy and safe holiday everyone, we will see you again on Thursday. please check the schedule page here for our holiday hours until January 14th.

WOD: 12 days of Westside Christmas*

*Start with number 1, then 2 and 1, then 3,2,1 then 4,3,2,1 until you get through the whole “song”  for 12 rounds.

1 10 double unders

2 2 Racked lunges 30/20

3 3 thrusters

4 4 box jumps 24″/20″

5 5 Am Swings 24/16

6 6 Front Squats

7 7 Push Presses

8 8 Hang Cleans

9 9 wall balls 10/6

10 10 deadlifts

11 11 mb sit ups

12 12 burpee pullups

35 minute time cap


  • Sam — December 24, 2012

    Here you go Chook, just for you bro..
    WOD: 24:02 RXD
    Was a pleasure being there with you on your last WOD, was hard for me being right next to you tho haha.. But you always make me go work harder

  • andrew — December 24, 2012

    Wod – 25:05 rxd
    Like wise my man! Awesome training with you, Mel and the rest of the team…will miss the box and the people there. It’s been cool seeing the transformation in everyone who is has been a part of CFW. I’ll be taking the last 3 sessions of the year before I finish off so I’ll see you then!
    Cheers team!

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