December 8th 2014

Congrats to our NZ Fitness League team who held on to first in the region for all 5 weeks of the season! We beat Rapid CrossFit in the last round by remote competion 5/0 advancing us to the finals. We will host Rapid and their supporters this Saturday December 13th, kickoff time is 12:30 pm after comp class.  Please come out and support our athletes who have fought hard to get this far! Check the results HERE

A. TGU 5,3,1 5,3,1 (each arm)

B. Courtesy CFHQ

100 double-unders
52.5/35 front squats, 21 reps
push presses, 21 reps
100 double-unders
front squats, 15 reps
push presses, 15 reps
100 double-unders
front squats, 9 reps
push presses, 9 reps

16 min time cap



  • Paddy — December 8, 2014

    10:31 @ 30/25kgs

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