February 11 2013

A huge thank you to Rob Orlando Jeremy Austin and Phil Hesketh from CrossFit Strongman for coming out to our box and running our evening social strongman WOD. A thanks to the crew from Zealous CrossFit for loaning us their gear.

Morning sessions;

A. Partner Pullup Drill

400 meter run

21 deadlifts 85/60

5 rounds for time 20 min time cap

6 PM guest session

IN Stations:

a.take 15 min to find 2 rm front squat

b. 90 sec amrap tire flips

c. in Pairs 3rep touch n go power cleans, alternating AMRAP 6 min

d. 1 G2S Atlas stone 1 Burpee, alternate in pairs AMRAP 4 minutes

e. 400 m KB Farmers carry then AMRAP Am swings 6 minutes total

Rob Orland doing what he does best:



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