February 24 2014

Welcome to our  Elements graduates who came to class today. Record your lifts using any means you can. Mywod, wodbox or any app will do. A 1$ notebook works too.

A1.Back Squat

Beginner 3×5 Int 5×1

A2.Strict press

Beginner 3×5 Int 5×5

B. 100 thrusters 35/25

*In pairs, Athlete A runs 200 meters while Partner B performs AMRAP. Swap until 100 Thrusters area completed.


  • Louise — February 24, 2014

    My first Crossfit class last night and I loved it! Can’t wait for 4.30pm today ;o)

  • Paddy — February 25, 2014

    Good on you Louise!

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