February 24 2015

This is the LAST WEEK for the early bird price for Kendrick Farris’ #Blessthegym tour! Register HERE

Those of you registered for the OPEN MUST sign up for a time slot for Saturday each week. The sheet is up on the board, choose 7, 8 or 9 am. If you need another session PLEASE let us know head of time. There is a 10 person max for each session at this point- unless more of you sign up!

Skill emom 6 min:
a. 50 dubs (30 sec attmepts)
b. 3-5 kipping hspu (scale 3-5 eccentric lower or downward dog)

A1.Pullups beg max 3 int weighted x3 then unweighted drop set x5

A2. Beg D/l 1×5 int find 3 rm 12 minutes


10 s2o 45/30  wb
10 alt pistol squats (must alternate legs!) plate lunges
10 box jumps overs 30/24 burpee or low bj

10 min cap



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