February 25 2015

If you are competing in the Open with us you MUST book in to a time slot on Saturday, the sheets are on the white board. If you cannot make it on a Saturday please let us know in advance so we can arrange for a judge. There is a 10 person limit per time slot, as of now there are spaces in 7,8 and 9 am this week!

Connectivity: Courtesy The Outlaw Way

3×8 prone shoulder raises w dowel

3×0:45 Arch Hold Holding dowel

3×0:45 Hollow Hold on Back Holding dowel

3 x6 if working on the butterfly then; butterfly kips w chest circle, no pull. If working on the kip then 3×6 standard kip.

800 m run
50 burpees
75 dubs
500 m run
40 burpees
50 dubs
300 m run
30 burpees
25 dubs

25 min cap



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