February 27 2013

Sometimes you show up, look at the whiteboard, see a monster- and do it anyway. Its always over in an hour so you might as well.  Good on those of you who knew it was a beast and came in.

You can all blame CF Rockland, NY (love you guys) for this one. I got lost in Orangeburg, NY doing this WOD adding a good few hundy meters to my first run. 

WOD: “Run Like Hell” Compare to 14/7/2012

1600 meter run

150 double unders

50 burpees

800 meter run

100 double unders

35 burpees

400 meter run

50 double unders

20 burpees

FOR TIME (40 min cap)


  • Cath — February 27, 2013

    34.39 compared to last time when I DNF so pretty happy. Have to nail those DUBS, they are my nemesis at the moment

  • Alex — February 27, 2013

    34:15. I hurt all over.

  • Jodie — February 27, 2013

    33:43 – hated every minute of it! Ha.

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