February 6 2015

Happy Waitangi Day! Well done to all who turned up on this wet morning (the sun came out just in time) and also helped raised koha for Korin’s whanau! All teams moved over 10,000 kgs today!

Classes schedule is as usual tomorrow. Comp class is now at 8 am!

Strongman Day;
In teams, you are to move as much weight as possible at each station. 5 minutes each station, 1 minutes transition time to the next. Each athlete chooses their load at each station and adds up their total team at the end. KIA KAHA!

1. Tyre Flip   2 flips=1 rep

2. Atlas stone G2S   1 G2S=1 rep

3. Farmers carry 1 length = 1 rep

4. sled push 50 m =1 rep

5. log carry 1 length =1 rep



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