January 29 2014

You will be hearing a lot about making those reps look “pretty”, especially in our skills warmups. This a chance to clean up technique and improve on your movements. You will be able to produce more volume in a WOD if you start with good form , taking  you longer to break down. Strength helps too as does conditioning and a high lactic threshold, but none of the above will save you in a WOD if your skills are weak and your form is well, ugly. Please remember this when the Coaches are doing their job (the one you pay us to do) and correct your movement or scale you. If we didn’t, we’d be selling you 3 year- 24 hour memberships, you’d have a swipe card for access and be surrounded by mirrors and tv’s.  So strive for what we call in CrossFit, “virtuosity”*, and make the most of those opportunities to get them prettier, even if it means unloading the bar or scaling a movement. AND REGISTER FOR THE OPEN! -Coach G

A.Skill warm up:

EMOM 8 min

a.t2b 3-5

b.burpee with reach 5-10


5 thrusters 45/30

7 hang power clean


AMRAP 20 min


  • Paddy — January 29, 2014

    10 + 1 @ 25kgs
    T2B were terrible, not even close

  • Alex — January 29, 2014


  • Seamus — January 29, 2014

    9 @ 40kg… that was a loooong 20min!!

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