July 25 2013

Big thanks to Devon, K and Kapz for holding down the box while I am holding down my brekky…

Our next Elements sessions begin August 12th, let it be known…

Check out the CF Games 2013Master’s Competition by live stream HERE

WOD: Courtesy CFHQ

In Partners:

1600 Meter Med ball run 9/6 (The ball is passed between partners as needed)

60 Burpee Pullups (partner A works while partner B rests)

800 Meter Med ball run 9/6

30 Burpee Pullups

400 Meter Med Ball Run

15 Burpee Pullups

For Time Time cap 40 minutes

NZ’s Garry Jones competing in the Men’s 60+ division after finishing 4th in the first event

“Nancy” 400 meter run 15 ohs x5 rounds  this morning, NZ time. You can watch him at any time by looking for his division under the archives HERE




  • Cath — July 24, 2013

    Cath and Shannon 25.12.

  • Paddy — July 24, 2013

    Morgan The Springing Mountain Goat and Paddy
    20.43 6kg ball
    Burpee PU’s and Sit-ups combo

  • Maria — July 24, 2013

    Brooke and Me 29.10 – Burpee Bar kips/touch and 6-3kg MB

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