July 5 2013

Yoga is back in business this Sunday so come get your stretch on.

Congrats to Seamus on joining the Muscle Up club! If only a pair of rings could fight crime…

Remember, tomorrow is our “WOD for HOPE”. Please bring a koha and all proceeds will go to Starship Hospital. CFW will match the funds collected.


Hollow body holds

Partner resisted pull up drill

4 hand position, one resisted eccentric rep- 3 rep max


Beginners: Power Clean 5×3

Intermediate: OHS 8×2

What a PB feels like:


  • Alex — July 5, 2013

    OHS 85kg PB! Come at me.

  • Seamus — July 5, 2013

    60kg OHS PB… and a muscle up.

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