June 15 2015

Haere ra (for now) to Iris who is off on her OE! She will be back in October  but we look forward to seeing your adventures on the road and at the boxes you will visit around the world! Safe travels!

Connectivity for the kip/butterfly:
3×8 prone dowel raises then:

2×0:40 On/0:40 Off Hollow Hold on Hands (Aim to get as close to the floor as poss!)
then 3×5 kipping pull-up /butterfly pull-up

A1. Back squat beg 3×5 int 5×5
A2. strict t2b max x5 focus on eccentric phase.

B1. Partner pullup drill (4 posi version)
B2. max hspu in 3 min -record your unbroken hspu for use



  • cath — June 15, 2015

    65kg; 20hspu

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