June 22, 2013

Another great Oly club to day with snatch complexes, thanks to Ianne and Lou Guinares. Both coaches are off to compete in the Oceania champs in Australia in two weeks. We wish them the best and hope they bring some medals home for NZ!


In partners;

Part 1;

partner a runs 400 meters while partner b performs an 10x am swing 24/16 10x hspu AMRAP

Partner b then runs and partner a performs same AMRAP


together complete 25 reps each of BB rack posi step ups 35/25 @ 20″.


repeat part 1

For time and total reps…


  • Mihi — June 22, 2013

    11 + 3
    16kg bell
    25kg bar
    20″ box
    Hand and feet HSPU

  • Cath — June 22, 2013

    12.54 8+3 with Steve scaled. 12kg step ups med ball cleans and sit ups

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