June 5 2013

Time again to register for the Functional Strength CrossFit’s Postal competition! This is an Olympic lifting comp that uses the Sinclair formula (uses your bodyweight in calculating your lifts). All lifts are performed at our box with one of the coaches filming and eying your lifts. Only 20$ to register,  visit functionalstrengthcrossfit.com


Max Pullups x3 (add weight as needed)

30 seconds hollow hold

30 seconds arch hold

20 second rest



Buy in 50 Am swings 24/16


5 Power cleans 52.5/35

10 lunges in racked position

15 burpees

4 rounds for time


  • Paddy — June 5, 2013

    11:40 scaled 25kgs

  • Tau — June 5, 2013

    I did this down here at parliament. No Kettle Bell s but did it with a 12.5 Dumbell, clean 30kg, bar too short, bloody useless equipment but got it done, lunges no weights coz bar wldnt fit. All up 11.27 Pleased I did it although not the same as being there. Completed yesterday’s one as well. Need to talk to Mr Speaker about some new gear.

  • Alex — June 5, 2013

    11:45 40kg

  • K — June 5, 2013

    Good one Tau constantly varied with whatever you can find!
    I scaled it 20 kb and the 40kg bar still a good time 10.32 so building back up! Loving the burpees just for something different.

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